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Kickstarter Campaigns and More: All The Ways to Support Indie Games

While indie games have their niche in the gaming community and plenty of indie games have gone on to be wildly successful, there are still plenty that slip through the cracks. Because they lack the master marketing that goes into big budget games, indie games at large rely on their fans to get them off the ground and out to more people. If you love these niche games and you’d like to help bring attention to them, read on for the best ways that you can support indie games. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Kickstarter

Share The Love With Reviews

One of the easiest ways you can show your support of indie games is by leaving reviews for the games you play. From sharing reviews on game-purchasing sites (Steam and are a few frequent fliers) to writing your own blog reviews to leaving quick comment reviews on Youtube videos, there are plenty of options out there for how you can share your opinion and get the word out about indie games. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of The Gaming Zone

Reviewing games not only shows indie creators what you like about their games, it also encourages other gamers to buy those games, therefore supporting the creators even more! Overall, leaving reviews is an easy way to support indie game creators and get the word out about great indie games

If You’re A Streamer, Stream Your Indie Faves

If you’re a gaming content streamer, you’re in an even greater position to support indie game creation. No matter your follower count, the fact that you’re sharing your gaming content with anyone means you’re already reaching more people than people who just game for themselves. It doesn’t hurt if you have a large following, but no matter your streamer caliber, you can use your platform to support indie creators. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Jacksepticeye

Some of the best indie games out there could be buried if it weren’t for streamers bringing attention to them. A most memorable occasion of this streamer support comes from Jacksepticeye and his playthrough of Night in the Woodsfrom Infinite Fall. When I first came across Jacksepticeye’s Night in the Woods streams and subsequent video series, I wasn’t at all familiar with the game. After watching just five minutes, I knew I needed to buy the game and play it all the way through to explore the characters and remarkable storyline.

If it weren’t for Jacksepticeye’s attention to Night in the Woods, I wouldn’t even know what the game was. It goes to show that streamers are in a unique position to get information on great indie games out to an audience that would love to play them, if they only knew they existed. 

Put Your Money Where Your Games Are

Last but not least, if you want to invest serious time and energy into supporting indie games, you can do it by actually investing in the games. There’s plenty of sources out there that fund indie games, in addition to Kickstarters for individual games. If you’ve got the spare funds and a will to help out the indie game industry, investing is one of the most direct ways to help out new indie games entering the market. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Alex Castro for The Verge

These three tips are great ways to show your support for indie games, but the support doesn’t stop here. Whether you’re a gamer, a web developer, a marketing genius, or pretty much any other profession, there’s a way for you to help indie game developers, and the need for that help is ever-present. The indie game industry is up against a lot, and by using these tried-and-true methods as well as finding new methods, we can all help indie games and their developers get the recognition they deserve. 

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