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Karma Joins OpTic Gaming As Content Creator

OpTic Gaming used to be the best team in the world with an undoubtedly stacked roster. Scump, Crimsix, Karma and FormaL opened a new era in Call of Duty history and became the best in a short amount of time. Well, last season, Karma decided to retire. Now he’s back at home at OpTic Gaming as an official content creator.

Photo courtesy of Esports Talk

Karma’s nickname is “GOAT,” as he won three World Championships under the OpTic Gaming roof. Last year, he signed with Seattle Surge and competed in CDL before his retirement announcement.

The GOAT will work with OpTic Gaming again, but this time he won’t be a player. OpTic’s announcement stated that Karma will be a content creator as well as an analyst for the main team. OpTic made the announcement a few days ago, as seen above. Karma’s accomplishments are definitely indisputable, and I am sure all the CoD fans will agree on this matter.

His social media community is pretty big, but the most important point of this transfer is his contribution to team staff. Karma is close with Scump, the new leader of OpTic. The team will benefit from GOAT’s game knowledge and analysis throughout the season.

Once again, welcome home, Karma!

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