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Is There A Best Video Game Zombie?

Of all the monsters in video games, zombies are some of the most loved and most critiqued. There are so many options out there for games with zombies in them, and there are so many different ways game creators have designed their zombies. Although, as a general rule, all zombie games are pretty awesome, not all zombies are created equal. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular zombie games out there and see what makes some of the best zombies out there so amazing to learn if there truly is a best zombie out there.

Is There A Best Video Game Zombie? 6

Starting off with a game series sweeping through the gaming world, The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us Part II feature some extremely terrifying and excellent zombies, known as The Infected. The Infected are all-around pretty excellent zombies, but what makes them really great is that as people become The Infected, they go through stages of infection, from being a Runner, a Stalker, a Clicker, a Bloater or a Shambler, and, in some cases, a Rat King. The Infected are terrifying throughout all of these stages, and the fact that they do go through these stages gives them an element of intrigue that standard zombies don’t always have. 

Zombie1 1
Image courtesy of Naughty Dog

Another series of games with some of the most well-known zombies is the Resident Evil series of games. The Resident Evil zombies are pretty terrifying in how quickly they can attack, how they are very hard to kill, and how hard they can be to see coming. What makes them really excellent on the zombie spectrum is their history of how they came to be through experiments and the man-made T-Virus and then through the spread of the virus through the rats and water systems. The Resident Evil zombies are the root of the problem that kickstarted the action and horror of the series, and as such, they carry the series through representing what the players are up against and what players are trying to resolve. Overall, the Resident Evil zombies are scary not only because of their physical terror, but also because of the downfall of humanity that they represent.

Zombie2 1
Image courtesy of Capcom

You know a zombie game is going to be good when it practically says zombie in the title, and that is certainly the case with World War Z. The zombies are pretty standard when it comes to speed, appearance, and stamina, but the really awesome factor of World War Z comes with the sheer amount of zombies attacking you as you play. They pour through every available entrance and seem to never stop coming after you. If it weren’t for the multiplayer options and readily-available weapons, you would be almost instantly overwhelmed by the amount of zombies in this game. The best way to describe it is to say that they literally flood the screen and every available space. World War Z is spectacular in its zombie production because it shows just how overwhelming a zombie apocalypse would be. 

World War Z
Image courtesy of Saber Interactive

Yet another zombie game we couldn’t go through this article without including is Left 4 Dead and the entire Left 4 Dead series.  The Left 4 Dead series has been praised for giving you everything you’d want in a zombie apocalypse adventure game, and the zombies in the game are exactly as awesome as you’d expect. They are pretty straight-down-the-middle of everything you want a zombie to be – quite scary, moderately difficult to kill, and an excellent enemy to consistently fight. The Left 4 Dead zombies aren’t too much of any one thing, they are just enough to keep it interesting without being impossible to work through. 

Zombie4 1
Image courtesy of Valve

When it comes down to it, there isn’t really a best video game zombie, because they all have different things that make them special. Whether you like fast zombies, tough zombies, or just hordes of zombies, there is a game out there for you, and all of the zombies on this list are excellent candidates. The gaming community at-large has been a fan of zombies for a long time now, and as long as they’re scary enough and challenging enough to make it fun, you really can’t go wrong with zombies. 

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