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Invictus Gaming Eliminates Team Secret From Singapore Major

Invictus Gaming eliminated Team Secret from the Singapore Major after their lower bracket performance. The surprising part wasn’t that Secret lost, but how easily they crumbled under Invictus Gaming.

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Courtesy of ONE Esports

Team Secret had come to the Singapore Major with a 100% win rate. As one of the most dominating teams in the history of Dota 2, the community had high expectations in the Major. However, with its recent performances against LGD, Neon and IG, it’s a small wonder that their own social media manager has been memeing about its losses.

Game 1

Team Secret had drafted Alchemist for MATUMBAMAN to end the game early, but IG systematically nipped Secret’s strategy in the bud. Emo’s Io smashed Team Secret into the dust with the ball boi.

For an Alchemist draft, to be even net worth at 28 minutes is worse than just bad news. flyfly’s Ursa and Emo’s Io were nearly the same net worth by mid-game; the Alch barely 4k gold ahead without any items to hold his own against the growing prowess of IG’s cores. Secret had the Tusk, but it was Io who was snowballing out of control.

Emo finished the game 11/1/14, with some ridiculous game-ending fights at the end. IG secured an easy win and upset many EU fans at the same time.

Game 2

As Sheever said, Secret seemed to be in TI form. IG was playing a very fast game with JT securing a bunch of kills and momentum for his team. IG caught Secret on corners and in ganks multiple times. After a strong early-game showing, IG was on the back foot only briefly when Secret managed to snatch some nice turnaround kills in the early game.

Game 2 had a bunch of pauses throughout the game owing to lag and freezes which both teams felt, as did the viewers. It didn’t help that IG had rafted Phantom Lancer while Secret had Monkey King.

IG took a fight against Secret when the latter had an Aegis on MK at the 20-minute mark. IG ignored the MK instead of going for Secret’s supports. The long fight had Secret losing four of its players. MK’s second life did not matter a whit; Team Secret didn’t recover from this fight.

Seven minutes after this fight, IG hit its timing, set up with Mars with a BKB, PL with a Heart, Void Spirit with an Aghs, and Phoenix with a Eul’s. Team Secret’s answer to IG was equivalent to a wet noodle slap as it failed to take down IG’s cores multiple times. After three fights where Secret lost either of their cores, IG pushed its advantage and quickly closed the game by the 30-minute mark, kicking the EU powerhouse out of the Singapore Major.

Team Secret will be preparing for Season 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit after being humbled by Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming will have to continue its pristine performance if it is to stand a chase against rival PSG.LGD, which has had a dominating showing in the playoffs too. Both teams will be competing Sunday in the lower bracket finals for a spot in the ONE Esports Singapore Major Grand Finals against Evil Geniuses. Catch the game on the official ONE Esports Twitch channel

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