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Introducing ‘The Voices of FaZe 5’

Let the world know who you are in up to five minutes of story and passion.

Voices of FaZe 5
Introducing ‘The Voices of FaZe 5’ 2

This year’s FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge is the biggest one yet. Left in the distant past are the days where this prestigious competition was open only to gamers. Now, the whole world is invited— artists, musicians, comedians, vloggers, streamers— anyone and everyone is welcome to the dance. Such an assortment of uniquely gifted individuals has united a host of personalities together, all fighting for the same prize of a spot underneath the FaZe Clan family tree. Each hopeful is unique and carries within them personality, stories, and ambitions not seen among any of the other thousands of content creators competing. That’s where this comes in.

Introducing ‘The Voices of FaZe 5.’

The point of this project is to capture the personalities and spirits of the people competing in the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge. Each participant is encouraged to explain why they should be the next member of FaZe in up to five minutes of story, passion, and shenanigans (yes, shenanigans). But in this time, they are encouraged to do so HOWEVER they see fit, whether that’s a straight-up approach or a more creative, distinct one. Participants can tell a story, recite/write a poem, freestyle rap, ASMR, bring a guest or two, or even have a conversation with themselves– add music, sound effects, voice effects, or nothing at all. Each individual is invited to be as creative, wild, chill, funny, or serious as they want to be. The main emphasis of this feature is the audio— not videos, not photos— but voices.

The essence of the ‘Voices of FaZe 5’ is variety. You will hear from everyone— kids, adults, teens, parents. You will hear from the underdogs of this competition, the ones whom you’ve likely never heard of and may not be on anybody’s radar, but are still contenders in their own right. Likewise, you will hear from those with more of a substantial following, but are still hungry for the opportunity at hand– the opportunity to be one of five. #FaZeUp

To hear the voices featured in Part 1, click here. Part 2 is coming soon.

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