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Immortals’ Revenge Discusses the Pressures of LCS

Not much was expected from Immortals heading into the 2021 League of Legends season. However, after just one week of play, the team is already proving to be an impressive force after upsetting Team Liquid in their first game. Syft sat down with top laner Mohamed “Revenge” Kaddoura to discuss his impressive showing along with his Week One takeaways.

Immortals’ Revenge Discusses the Pressures of LCS 4

Revenge has been nothing short of spectacular in his first LCS matches. The 21-year-old is proving to be a rising star and one of the most naturally gifted top laners in the league. Interestingly, he feels his team’s environment and synergy is what allows him to flourish. 

Synergizing Well 

Revenge1 1
Image courtesy of Riot Games

Surprisingly, we have one of the best team environments out of any team that I’ve played on,” Revenge revealed. 

2021 is a bit of a unique year for North American League of Legends, as the LCS is filled with rookies and young talent. While exciting for the future, this abundance of young players means that many of the teams won’t look as coordinated starting out. 

“Every team right now in the league has a lot of inconsistencies, a lot of strengths and weaknesses, including us obviously,” Revenge explained. “We learned as a team that we do have a good presence on stage together.” 

While many teams are struggling to gel, Immortals have found their teamwork to be a major strength which always makes the team competitive, even in losing situations. “A lot of the players on my team are veterans, and they all say that we have some of the best team environments and gelling that they’ve ever experienced before.” 

Pressures of the LCS

Revenge2 1
Image courtesy of Riot Games

“There are a lot of stakes in LCS,” Revenge explained. “The way you’re playing really matters. Everything you’re doing matters. Every mistake you make, everyone’s watching.” 

As a rookie, starting out in the LCS can be a challenge. Especially for someone like Revenge, who has garnered hype for so long, the pressures of competing at the top level can be a lot to overcome. 

“It’s just a matter of consistency and translating scrims and stage performance,” Revenge said. “Onstage, it’s always a little different how the game is being played. And I definitely have to adjust myself to that pressure and stress and whatnot. So that’s something that I need to work on the most going forward into the next week.” 

While there is a ton of pressure on Revenge and the other young LCS talent, having that healthy team environment will be integral in facilitating his confidence and development.

Week One was a challenge for Revenge and Immortals, having to face both Team Liquid and Cloud9 along with Golden Guardians, yet the team did walk away with an impressive upset victory over Team Liquid. Immortals will look to keep building their teamwork in Week Two, facing off against Dignitas, Evil Geniuses and TSM. 

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