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Immortals Adds Kehmicals and NaturE to Complete its VALORANT Roster

VALORANT’s offseason has been intense as many organizations rebuild structures of their rosters. Since the first global event, which will last the whole season of the game will start next week, teams are putting great effort to be a part of the historic moment at the end of the season. Immortals is among those teams, and they announced two new players for their VALORANT roster. With “Kehmicals” and “NaturE” coming on board, the roster of the North American organization has been completed.

Immortals Valorant New Members 1
Photo courtesy of Immortals

Immortals welcomed their newest players with a montage clip in which both players’ in-game moments were shown. The team announced the move with a tweet: “With them as the final pieces to our already-stacked team, we’re stronger than ever and we can’t wait to show you.”

Immortals is one of the organizations which established a VALORANT squad in the early stage of the game. After Riot Games’ FPS game was published, Immortals took a place in the scene immediately and participated in several events in North America. The first two months were looking good for Immortals, but as the scene grew, they started to lose their spot in the ranking. Even though the team qualified for the main event of First Strike: North America, it was unable to get what it expected in the tournament.

Afterward, the North American representative parted ways with two members of the roster, jmoh and neptune, in the beginning of January. Since there wasn’t any tournament for more than a month, they had enough time to find the right players.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 will start on Jan. 27 with the open qualifiers, and it is expected for Immortals to make their debut in VCT with the renewed squad.

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