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IgNar Talks Role of Support, Love of Racing Games and the Transition to EG

Imagine it’s 2017 Worlds and you’re a member of the Misfits Gaming underdogs up against the SKT juggernauts. All of a sudden, the fans go crazy: Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun lands a Leona stun onto the bot lane of SKT. The match has shifted, and suddenly, you stand a chance.

Since that fateful stun, IgNar has been the playmaker to end all playmakers as well as a crucial member of Evil Geniuses in 2021. Syft had the opportunity to sit down with IgNar after the Evil Genius win over CLG. We’re so glad to have heard from this legend in the making.

IgNar Talks Role of Support, Love of Racing Games and the Transition to EG 4

From Team To Team

IgNar has had a storied player history. He started with Misfits, headed to the LCK with BBQ Olivers and then to FC Schalke 04 before transitioning over to FlyQuest, where he put up phenomenal numbers as a support player. From one team to another, IgNar has been a name recognized all over the globe.

IgNar2 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

IgNar talked positively about his new home, saying, “I think this team just feels good because I can feel the magic management cares a lot about winning and then the players like in-game and out-of-game. So I’m just feeling like I’m getting like carried by the organization.”

He also talked about his relationship with AD Carry Matthew “Deftly” Chen, saying the two of them are improving together in each step of the game. “He’s not the person like ‘No, I don’t want to do that,’” IgNar said. “So you’re just improving each other together.”

The Role of Support

IgNar, being a player of many talents, contributed his perspective on the role of support in the current meta.

“It’s important because you can give more power to mid and jungle with the numbers if you move first,” he said.

IgNar is no stranger to playmaking. He’s known to play champions like Rakan, Alistar and even in recent weeks Neeko and Galio. Still, he doesn’t exactly identify a particularly-strong champion.

“I think everything is pretty similar but I think nowadays many supports have a super play chance,” he said in reference to most-picked champions such as Alistar and Rell. “So I don’t think there is an OP champion, so I have to say just a good matchup is better than just an OP champion.”

IgNar3 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

Personal Improvements

For as long as he has been playing, IgNar admitted he still wants to improve upon his mistakes in game, citing hesitation to make some plays and engage for his team. 

“If you do that, then as a support player, it’s really hard,” he said. “Like, it’s really easy to make mistakes because supports usually need to go in first or support needs to be easy-to-see and make situations happen.”

Yet, he is still keeping his eyes on the goal of heading to Worlds, as he has fond memories of playing on those stages.

“Every time, when I go to Worlds is just a great memory every time,” he said. “So I just want to go to Worlds again.”

Even League Players Play Other Games During A Pandemic

We asked IgNar about his time during the pandemic. He simply replied how he’s been working out at home and keeping in touch with his family. 

But what surprised us was his love of other games. Most notably, he talked about his love of racing games like GTA V and Assetto Corsa, a game series not many pro players talk about.

Any Final Thoughts?

When asked if he had a message to the fans, IgNar gave a message of optimism.

“Thank you so much for joining us,” he said. “We need to fix our problems and then I just promise that we will do our best.”

It was a privilege to interview IgNar and we look forward to interviewing him again in the near future.

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