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How to upgrade Monkey Bombs on Fireball Z Cold War Zombies Map

Let me show you the steps you can take to upgrade your precious Monkey Bombs and make them even more powerful. The Monkey Bomb has been around in Zombies mode for as long as I can remember. They allow you to get away in a pinch because they attract all the zombies are near you before blowing up in their faces.

Monkey Bomb
Courtesy of Game Rant

Steps to upgrade your Monkey Bomb

  1. Get a Monkey Bomb by some means. They come out of the mystery box sort-of often.
  2. Get close to one of the three Aether Reactors (it needs to be on or this will not work).
  3. Kill 50 zombies with a Monkey Bomb near the reactor.
  4. The next Monkey Bomb you throw will be upgraded, giving off more damage and even playing different music which will make the zombies dance. It is absolutely hilarious.

It is as simple as that. It is not hard at all to upgrade your Monkey Bombs, and I would recommend that you add this tip into your everyday zombie playing. It can really help you get out of some sticky situations you would otherwise die in.

This sneaky Easter Egg shows just how much effort they are putting into the Zombies portion of Cold War, and I as a fan really appreciate it. I hope this is just the beginning for these special little secrets in the game.

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