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How To Turn Your Gaming Skills Into Entertainment

Gaming Skills

Anyone who has grown up playing video games, dreams of having a gaming career so they can continue doing what they love. And isn’t the saying – “Make your passion your career”? Over the past decade, the gaming industry has placed itself as one of the most prominent and successful entertainment sectors in the world. More video game fans are endeavoring to make gaming a career, a larger number of young fans want to pursue gaming professionally so they can make money via gaming montages, YouTube videos, and live-streaming their talent.

But here’s the thing: carving out a career in gaming isn’t as easy as it may seem. Esports has changed the way we see gaming, and it isn’t just a pastime anymore. Gaming influencers are able to make six or seven seven-figure salaries through full-time gaming, and competition is growing every single day. Branching out in an already competitive and consistently developing field is always a risk, but there are some ways to improve your odds of making it here.

In 2021, the number of gamers in the world is predicted to exceed 2.81 billion, which will earn the global gaming market an estimated $189.3 billion. With the rise of gaming influencers and growing collaborations between the music and gaming industries, making a full-time career out of gaming isn’t impossible anymore. It can be a real job, and if you keep at it, could make a millionaire out of you. But before you look that far ahead, you need to convert your gaming skills into entertainment worth consuming.

If you’re serious about gaming but unsure of how to make it more than an end-of-day hobby, here are some tips that might help you forge your new career path.

Tips To Turn Your Gaming Skills Into Entertainment

#1 Create A YouTube Channel

Let’s say you have great gaming skills, talent as well a passion for it. What’s next? How can you turn these gaming skills into real entertainment? Creating a YouTube channel is a very straightforward route to take to connect with the rest of the gaming community. You need to create significant gaming videos that would stand out, showcase your personality as a gamer, and interest viewers enough to want to continue watching your channel. 

Some common ideas that gaming influencers adopt are creating gaming clips (which display all their exceptional skills with upbeat music tracks), walkthroughs (which can focus on helping fellow gamers learn a single trick or more), or even commentaries and reviews which acquaint others with your opinions. But it has to be unique, and totally you. 

In 2020 alone, the world watched over 100 billion hours of gaming content on YouTube, which has a 44 percent viewer reach and is one of the biggest social media outlets for gaming content. If you post the right kind of content, just imagine how many people you could reach out to! Some popular YouTube gamers are PewDiePie, Markiplier, JuegaGerman among others.

#2 Live Stream Your Skills

Live streaming is incredibly popular today. It adds a personal touch to your content and is super entertaining for other gamers to watch. You can play games with friends and live stream it or play solo – it depends on what you’re comfortable with. Twitch is ultimately the best platform to make use of, if you want to make it big as a gaming influencer and is worth looking into.

You can also earn through viewer subscriptions and donations, and as your fan base grows, you might be able to connect with brands for endorsements, gaming collaborations, and sponsorship as well. Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins makes $500,000 a month from live streaming on the platform alone. Of course – it took him a while to achieve that goal, but if he can, so can you!

#3 Stay With The Trends

One of the most important ways to gain a following is by staying updated on the trends in the gaming industry and being involved as much as possible. 

If an iconic new game is coming out soon or even if there’s a new console accessory update, you might want to test and talk about them on your social media platforms. It can be useful in building a social media presence because gamers are always looking for honest opinions about all things in the gaming world.

#4 Participate In Gaming Competitions

Gaming Skills

 Competitive gaming is on the rise and there are over a thousand gaming tournaments hosted annually each year. Now Esports is a bit of a tough cookie, but if being a gaming entertainer (who makes big bucks) is your end goal, participating in gaming tournaments could help your brand more than ever. But not all gaming tournaments are the same – some are open to all gamers while others require participation via leagues and multiple qualifier rounds beforehand. 

Whatever the setup, participating in a gaming tournament can be a life-changing experience. It’s a great way to test your skills against the world’s best, and at the same time, to figure out the next step. Gaming tournaments have million-dollar prize pools, so if you’d like your gaming skills to turn into something a little more than entertainment, tournaments are your best bet. 

It’s clear that the Esports market is on the rise. As a professional or budding gamer, you have access to a global platform open to anyone – as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

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