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How To Successfully Complete a Collab

How To Successfully Complete a Collab

There are several reasons why collaborations between brands are important – it gives them an opportunity to achieve incredible heights in terms of brand awareness, work with more voices when solving a problem, promotes inclusivity, and has the power to bring about bigger and more creative ideas. And 54% of companies say partnerships drive more than 20% of total company revenue. When two brands come together, they’re able to offer unique and innovative products to customers, giving both a competitive edge in the market. They can exchange their resources, their immense experience, expertise, and creativity which is invaluable. These traits can help both brands create the perfect product for their customers and reach out to more of them. 

After all, the main objective of collaboration or co-marketing between brands and companies is to generate higher revenues and profits by increasing sales. Here’s where brand collaboration comes in, it’s one of the most strategic and useful tools employed by companies to gain higher profits. 

Not only does a collaboration deal captivate the attention of your industry competitors but also attract the customer base of both brands. People are going to be excited about what your collaboration brings to the market! For example, Musicians are investing millions of dollars into gaming companies and looking for ways to promote music through gaming. For musicians, promoting a song through a gaming montage will bring about more streams, and for gamers, their videos will earn more views which eventually translates to more income. They create campaigns that influence customers in both sectors, but a lot goes into making these collaborations successful.

So how does one successfully complete a collaboration? Brands, companies, individuals, and influencers must communicate with each other so both parties are on the same page throughout the campaign. Misunderstandings can derail a campaign at any moment, so you should make sure to keep these things in mind in order to successfully complete a collaboration.  

But collaborating in today’s world doesn’t necessarily mean sitting around a table and discussing marketing campaigns. With influencer marketplaces such as SYFT.GG empowering gaming influencers to monetize their content, collaborating with brands is easier than before. Once you’ve set up a gaming profile on SYFT.GG, it’s time to make a collaboration request and get your brand promotion started!

How To Complete A Collab On SYFT.GG


There are a few steps to successfully completing a collab on SYFT.GG:

#1: Choose your desired partner

With an influencer marketplace like SYFT.GG, you can collaborate with gaming influencers by requesting customized collabs or by simply choosing your desired platform and promotion. Search for a gamer using the Search bar and Filter tabs, and once you’ve selected your desired influencer, tap their name and you’ll be immediately taken to their profile. You can view their following on each social media platform and glance at the already existing collab options, or request a customized collab as per your requirements.

#2: Select From An Array Of Options

SYFT.GG offers multiple options to produce content on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter among other social media platforms. With Instagram, the promotion options are vast and include a photo as well as video opportunities. For Instagram stories, there are photo and video features with the inclusion of more detail-oriented elements such as text additions, filters, and music that can be added. There are also IGTV content and Live video options available.

Where TikTok is concerned, gamers can provide content across a range of what TikTok videos can be – from sound effects to duets, exploring the stitch feature, join hands-on product-focused clips, comments likes, and all other kinds of interactions. YouTube promotion options include gaming montages, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitch also include a multitude of features. Whatever social media platform you are looking for, all it takes is choosing to work with the gamers who utilize the same platforms.

#3: Enter Collab Details

Now that you’ve decided on the type of collaboration you’re interested in, you have to require details for the same. Describe what you’re looking for and explain with clear words so there may be no confusion later on. Fill in the related link if any, and confirm and pay for your collaboration. The new tab that opens will serve as a receipt to your collaboration with the price, schedule (date and time of the required collab) and price noted down. You can write in a description – whether it’s a simple retweet or a gaming montage video, write down all the necessary details.

You can also accept collab requests made to you by going to “Dashboard” and then “My Collabs”. All collaboration requests will appear in a list form and include details you can go through before moving on with it. Read all the requirements of the collaboration, clarify your doubts if any, and only then proceed to accept or decline!

As a gaming content creator, you are sure to get a lot of requests from time to time. You can browse through all of them with a single click, and accept multiple collab deals at once, all thanks to SYFT.GG!

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