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How To Make A Gaming Montage – An Introduction

How To Make A Gaming Montage - An Introduction

If you’ve seen one gaming montage, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! There are so many nuances that go into making gaming montages, and if you want to make the best video game montages, you need to know all the tricks. From picking the best songs, to knowing which game genres work best in the montage setting, to finding your video game montage editor. It may seem like a lot, but not to worry, with only six steps, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to be successful in your gaming montage creation. 

Getting Techy

Of course, creating the best video game montages will require some great equipment. From a solid computer setup to quality editing software, getting yourself set up with all the gear is one of the first things you need to do. 

Whether you go with the best of the best, or with a budget-built, the most important thing is that your space suits you, because you’ll be the one gaming and recording in it. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be on top of your game when playing, and you’ll end up with less than excellent content for your montages. 

Gaming Montage

What’s That Sound: Finding Your Music

Keep in mind that 60% of Americans ages 35-54 are known to visit YouTube at least once a week for music-related content. So, if you want to get your videos into one of the most popular spaces on YouTube, having music that will draw viewers is paramount to your success. 

While your montage music will in part be based on what types of games you’re using, there are some general songs and genres of music that are most suited to being used in gaming videos. In the end, it’s all about finding a tune that draws people in and suits the clips you’re piecing together.

Finding the best video game montage songs requires you to be aware of copyrights and royalty rules that exist within the music industry. You may have the perfect song in mind, but you might not be able to use it without paying a hefty fee or potentially getting in trouble with the original artist. Spotify, Artlist, and plenty of other great sites can provide you with music, and you can also search for royalty-free music to use without having to worry. 

Gaming Montage

From Genre to Montage: Finding the Best Games

Whether you’re playing games yourself and combining your own clips, or you’re searching the web for great clips to put together, it’s important that you know from the beginning what sort of games you want to make montages of. You can go by genre, or game company, or even by vibe (purely games that you can chill out with, for example). 

If you’re going to play a game and stream it to get your montage content, there are some great lists out there of the best games to stream. Whether you pick a game from those lists, or you use them as a jumping-off point to figure out which types of games will work well, it’s always a good way to get some inspiration. 

To really get off on the right foot, you can also look into which games do the best in streams and montages. For example, in 2019, League of Legends was the most-watched game category on Twitch, and even in 2021, League is still growing stronger than ever. If you’re unsure of what games would make for the best montages, start with games that are already wildly popular online. 

Piecing It All Together

Once you know your genre or collection of games to choose from, you need to know which snippets make for the best montages. Maybe you’re going for a classic games montage, a funniest gamers compilation, or a montage made up of top gaming influencers (maybe just a FaZe clan montage). It’s all up to you, but it’s important to have an idea of what you’ll use before you get started. 

Check out this list of the top 100 unforgettable video game moments from IGN for hints at what moments do the best job of capturing your viewers’ attention. As you start looking at the games you want to play, combined with the best moments for montages, you’ll start to find it much easier to put together the best video game montages without having to plan it out as much, because you’ll simply know what works well together. 

With those steps in mind as what you need to do, you’re well on your way to posting your gaming content online, where 73% of YouTube gamers say they enjoy watching gaming content from other gamers. If you combine that knowledge, along with the next two steps, you’ll be ready to start making amazing gaming montages.  

Gaming Montage

Finding Your Cinematic Flair

It’s important to figure out the cinematic elements that you want to incorporate to make your gaming montages unique and memorable. While there are many elements to making great montages, one of the most important is that you tell a story, as opposed to just mashing clips together. If there isn’t a strong cinematic voice running through your montages, your audience won’t have something concrete to engage with. 

Finding Your Editor-in-Chief

While editing your own gaming montages will be perfectly fine if you have the skills and the time, hiring an editor to do that work for you can also be a good option. If you’ve decided to find an editor, the question is, where do you look, and how do you choose the right one? 

You can search for editors on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many others. Wherever you look, you’re guaranteed to find editors offering their work. The U.S. has somewhere around 34 thousand video editors either working or advertising their services, there’s no shortage of editors to work with. 

The “how” of choosing your editor will take a bit more work. Firstly, from a logistical standpoint, you’ll have to have a budget in mind, so that you know what you’ll be able to pay your editor. If you want the best editor out there, you could pay upwards of $100, but you can always dig a bit deeper and find a quality editor somewhere in the $20 to $50 range. 

You’ll also need to ensure that the editor you choose is suited to editing gaming montages. So, before taking the plunge, make sure you check out some of their past work to see if they’ll work well with you and your content. 

You may end up hopping around from editor to editor, or you may discover the editor that you want to work on all of your content. However it works out for you, just know that if you go the route of hiring an editor, you’ll be that much closer to creating the best video game montages. 

Gaming Montage

So…It’s Time to Create Your Best Montage

With these six key steps in hand, you’re ready to get started on your journey of creating gaming montages. Get out there, find your games, your music, your story, and your editor (if you choose to), and enjoy sharing your creations with the gaming community online. 

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