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How to Fix Fall Guys

If you have read my articles before this, you know that I have and always will be a massive Fall Guys fan. That being said, even I can admit that the game has some problems, which caused it to fall in popularity compared to a game such as Among Us. There are a couple major things I would change, starting with updates.

Fall Guys
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A game like this needs constant updates to keep people interested. The main reason this game died so fast was that they were barely updating the game while it was in the height of its popularity. The main things they added were more skins and bug fixes, which is of course still important for the game, but does not necessarily help with its longevity. The game would have a cluster of new maps added every once in a while, but that was the wrong way to go about it. What they should have done before releasing the game was had other mini-games ready to be added from the start. If they had let players enjoy the original games for a month or so and then started adding a new mini-game each week or so, I truly believe the game would still be super popular right now. It is not too late: they can still do this, and this leads me to the next part of my argument.

The social media for Fall Guys was great, and it was one of the things which brought the game to height popularity. The twitter profile is super funny and very interactive with fans. What they could have done is let fans vote on which mini-game they wanted to go each week and get replaced with a new game. This would have given players even more reason to interact with the social media of the game and would have kept fans entertained. Again, this is not something that is too late to be done. The social accounts for the game still have a decent following and could go trending again if they worked hard enough.

It was also unfortunate that the game Among Us came out right after people were getting tired of Fall Guys. Among Us quickly took over as the popular game and people pretty much forgot about Fall Guys in a day. Right then, Fall Guys should have realized that they needed to do something if they wanted to stay relevant. An all hands-on deck to create more mini-games should have happened and maybe the game would not have died as quickly as it did.

The thing with all my advice for this game is that it is not too late for the developers to do any of these ideas. I am sure I am not the only one thinking of these ideas. If Fall Guys want to make a comeback, they need to start pumping out content and hyping it up on their social media ASAP. I honestly have no idea if this game will ever be revived into popularity, but I for one really hope it does. I miss playing as a little bean and falling all over the place; it was therapeutic.

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