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How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide

So, we here at Syft had one of our first game nights the other night. With a full crew of 10 plus some people rotating in and out, we of course chose Among Us as the game of choice. And uh. One thing became somewhat apparent.

How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us An Impostor Guide
How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide 7

I’m pretty alright at the game. How? Well, while they’re not the end-all-be-all tricks that people may imagine them to be, here are some general tips for playing Impostor in Among Us and getting away with it. So, read on, and happy hunting!

Among Us4
This photo, and all subsequent photos in this article, courtesy of Innersloth

1: Walk with purpose.

The number one tip I’d suggest is to always move with purpose as an Impostor, especially if someone can see you do it. Whether that means running into rooms full speed and immediately running to the nearest task, or running past rooms that you already know have too many people in them, you don’t want to look like you’re an Impostor. Crewmates have a list of tasks that they’ll always be walking towards or working on, and they rarely enter a room and immediately leave it because there are already 2 players in there. Hanging around people tends to lead them to think you’re waiting for them to be alone, or gaining trust you really don’t deserve, so while it’s good to pretend to do tasks with others, always move like you have places to be.

among Us5
How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide 8

2: Let others do the talking.

Your goal is to go under the radar, so it’s best not to dominate the conversation during meetings, as that draws attention. The less lies you tell, the less you can be called out on. However, remember to say something, as too much silence can be suspicious as well. Ask clarifying questions, repeat information that others said, and reinforce the current suspicions, as long as it’s not against you.

Among Us6
How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide 9

3: Don’t self report.

Just don’t. It’s almost never actually a good idea, as that’s time that can be used to get another kill, or get away from the scene of the crime. The only exception to this rule is if it’s one of your impostor buddies’ bodies that you’ve come across. When not killing, it’s best to act like a Crewmate, and a Crewmate would report a new body immediately, so do that.

Among Us7
How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide 10

4: Use everything to your advantage.

Set sabotages! Close doors! Vent to get away from a body quickly, especially if you know you can get away with it. It can help you to figure out where people are, or to throw suspicion around, and it tends to slow down Crewmates from completing their tasks, giving you more time to get to killing.

Among Us8
How to Beat your Coworkers in Among Us: An Impostor Guide 11

And that should cover most things. Of course, there’s a certain amount you will have to tailor for your own playstyle, tweak for how quickly you want to target players, and for how much risk you want to incorporate into your playstyle. Playing against friends and coworkers also lets you see what looks suspicious to others, what your coworkers think your playstyle is, and how they react to different things. Maybe one friend prefers to carefully track where everyone goes, so they’d be best to dispose of first. Or maybe one friend is frustrated at dying all the time, so they always accuse their killer from the previous round first. Either way, have fun, and best of luck!

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