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How Much Money Is The Music Industry Spending On Promo With Gamers?

How Much Money Is The Music Industry Spending On Promo With Gamers

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the number of social media collaborations between the music industry and gaming influencers. The partnership of music and gaming has proved to be immensely fruitful, thanks to the growth of the gaming industry in the past decade. The full value of the gaming industry is expected to exceed $300 billion in 2021…but even before the pandemic, the video game market was bringing in 10 times the revenue of films and 3 times that of the music industry

It is by far the largest and most profitable entertainment industry in the world, with mobile gaming accounting for 45% of industry revenue. Console gaming came in second at 32% while PC gaming was recorded at 23%.  Here’s a crazy fact: In 2013, Grand Theft Auto V made $800 million on its first day and grossed over a billion in just three days, shattering records and becoming the most successful game in the world. Now, why wouldn’t any other industry want a part of that?

The music industry is finding newer ways to engage in music marketing while keeping in mind the latest music trends. With streaming and album sales both rapidly declining, musicians are struggling to convert their art into a substantial income. Fortunately, the surge in the gaming era has been a cause of celebration for the music industry, and they’ve both entered into an unlikely but strategic friendship.

How The Music Industry Is Increasing Revenue, Thanks To Gaming Influencers

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to musicians, who have been forced to cancel world tours and deal with the decrease of on-demand streams. Making music has become easier than marketing music, and artists have to look for out-of-the-box ideas to reach out to potential listeners. This is where the gaming industry steps in!

From gaming montages to in-game music promotion, the two industries have accounted for some powerful music marketing deals. Music is a vital part of the video game experience in many ways, so there’s no doubt these collaborations will continue to thrive. Last year, Music Business Worldwide broke the news that Sony Music Group’s parent company;

Sony Corporation made a strategic investment of $250 million in Epic Games – the creator of hit video games such as Fortnite and Infinity Blade. Epic’s $17 billion evaluation at the time meant Sony’s stake in the company was around 1.5%…which is an incredible figure for them. It’s also interesting how just months before Sony invested in Epic, the two companies collaborated on a record-breaking virtual concert that changed the way we perceive music marketing forever.

Travis Scott ventured into an otherworldly musical journey with help from Fortnite and had a series of in-game concerts. As per a Forbes report, the popular rapper grossed roughly $20 million for the performance including income from merchandise sales. The show drew over 28 million people, a record for the game itself. The details of Scott’s deal with the game are unknown, but it’s clear that musicians are willing to spend big in the gaming industry because it converts their investments into big returns.

The Future Of Music Promotion: Gaming Montages

Music Industry

Video games have quickly evolved into something we don’t just enjoy doing – but also enjoy watching. Like every blogging category of social media has a set of dedicated influencers, whether it’s travel, fashion, or food, it is the same for the gaming industry. Gaming influencers who advertise and talk about their lifestyle as professional gamers have become more prominent on social media platforms, as the industry itself has become a big component of entertainment today.

These gaming influencers have actively created gaming montages, which are fast-paced video clips featuring gaming clips and sequences. Influencers use these videos to familiarize fans with their impressive skills, post reviews of new gadgets and games, share tips and tricks to improve amateur players’ skills among other things. Gaming montages have become the next big thing where music marketing is concerned, and are a staple of the gaming scene today.

While social media platforms like TikTok are helping artists get major record deals and reach out to bigger audiences, some artists are looking beyond conventional marketing. When promoting music through gaming montages, both gaming influencers and the artist can create an engaging experience for fans. The $300 billion gaming industry offers exposure to artists by means of collaboration, which works well for both parties.

Picking the right music genre for your gaming montage can help rack up streams for the artist as well as views for your uber-cool gaming skills. The difference between picking any song and the right song is discoverability. YouTube gaming Influencer Radius advanced from getting 10 likes on his videos to 7 million views and 269K likes in the span of months! 

Bigger artists such as Marshmello look beyond gaming influencers, and partner with the gaming industry itself. The DJ’s Fortnite concert was the video game’s biggest event in history, as more than 10 million people attended the live concert.

The gaming industry is booming which makes it worth the while for musicians to invest in such partnerships, or sign mutual deals that work both ways. One of the most successful features of a well-constructed video game is its music, and with trends evolving on a daily basis, the platform provided by the flourishing gaming industry can aid artists in staying well-connected to the rest of the world.

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