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How Absorber Took Over Fortnite Trolling: A Syft Exclusive Interview

Fortnite has seen tremendous growth since its emergence onto the gaming scene, and with the game’s growth comes content creators of all backgrounds. One such creator is Absorber, a 17-year old with huge dreams, passion, and Fortnite skills. With over two million Youtube subscribers and a dedicated follower base on social media, Absorber’s status as a Fortnite prodigy is clear. But how did he build himself up to his current heights? We at Syft sat down with the up-and-coming esports star to get the inside scoop on his meteoric rise.

How Absorber Took Over Fortnite Trolling: A Syft Exclusive Interview 4

Absorber first got into video games at a young age, falling in love with Call of Duty and Minecraft before transitioning into Fortnite in high school. To him, games are more than a passion: they’re a relief. “I think it really takes my mind off of things that are stressful in life. And it’s a way for me to I think just have fun,” explained Absorber.

But Absorber’s world growing up wasn’t the typical American story. One thing many may not know about him is that he grew up in the bustling city of Dubai, UAE. What’s more, he was a musician featured on news stations across the country, known for playing instruments like the qanun and the piano.

“When I was 10. I played live. And then you know, the reactions I got were insane. I was really, really happy with how people reacted to my music. And that was a form of entertaining, and entertainment. So I kept going, I kept finding new things.”

After his taste in entertainment, he knew he had to keep going. So, when he made the move to Oklahoma, he got a camera and began creating YouTube videos after inspiration from popular YouTuber Roman Atwood and gaming organizations such as FaZe Clan.  His Minecraft content began to jumpstart his growth as a YouTuber, and he slowly gained popularity while streaming. But it was only after a brief hiatus from YouTube in late 2019 when his popularity skyrocketed. His eventual return to YouTube in 2019 landed him his first ever 1 Million viewer video and an inevitable skyrocket to 2.1 million subscribers.

Courtesy of Absorber on Twitter, @Absorberyt

In 2018, he was introduced by his friends to what was then the newest gaming craze on the market: Fortnite. It would go on to change his life. 

“My friends are starting to talk about it a lot and I was confused on what they were talking about,” he explained. “So I wanted, you know, to get filled in on what they were talking about. They showed me a little video, you know, of them playing Fortnite; I thought it looked pretty interesting.”

He then began streaming Fortnite every day on his YouTube channel and would eventually see his success grow to where it is now.

Perhaps Absorber’s most well-known creation is his persona “Destiny.” To become Destiny, he speaks in a higher octave voice, which fools players into believing he is a female. From there, Absorber carries out full-length conversations with players across matches, tricking those he’s playing with into revealing some less-than-desirable quirks.

Courtesy of Absorber on Youtube

When asked the inspiration behind Destiny, he explained that he loved making people laugh. “Not only can I make people laugh, and you know, smile from watching this, but I can also make the person I’m trolling, laugh and smile, you know, doing this. So it’s a win win,” explained Absorber.

He continued, “I think and especially with me, it makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me happy to see people happy. So it’s a win-win in my situation, and in everyone’s situation, to be totally honest.”

His Destiny persona was so well-received, he tapped into his well of musical talent to create a music video. “Trollin” is an homage to his in-game persona which went live only a few months ago.

Already, the video has racked up over 1.2 million views on YouTube and 150,000 streams on Spotify. While the crossover between gaming and music is still fresh, he hopes that the industries will more thoroughly flesh out a collaboration between themselves in the future, saying, “Many record labels I think are gonna collaborate with video games in the future and have their music in the video games.”

Though Absorber loves his career, he also has his sights set on a higher prize: late night television. He explains, “I definitely want to own my own talk show. Just like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, I want to be a talk show host. I definitely think I’m capable of doing that.” 

Absorber definitely has a future in comedy and entertainment. From his storied past in entertainment to his incredible moves in the gaming and music industries, he has proven himself to be a man with a multitude of talents. For this gaming superstar, nothing is impossible.

Watch out Kimmel and Fallon: Absorber and Destiny are coming to late night.

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