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Houston Outlaws: Stars of Overwatch League Opening Weekend

The Overwatch League kicked off the new season with a weekend of games that proved that the Houston Outlaws are a force to be reckoned with. Not only were the Outlaws able to clinch two victories over the weekend, but they did so by going into overtime for two exciting games. The first game of the season was a high noon Texas showdown between two of the finest teams from the Lone Star State: the Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel. 

Overwatch April 1 1
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Day 1

The teams went back and forth with wins as the Houston Outlaws were able to secure the point on Busan and escort the payload in Havana while the Dallas Fuel responded with wins in King’s Row and Volskaya Industries. Happy, DPS for the Houston Outlaws, managed to shine with the sheer amount of headshots he achieved playing as both McCree and Hanzo.

Game Five of the Battle for Texas took place on Ilios, where the two teams battled fiercely for the point. Thanks to some Primal Rage from Jjanggu’s Winston, the Houston Outlaws successfully pushed the Dallas Fuel off the point to crown itself as the “Kings of Texas” in a 3-2 win. The Player of the Match went to Danteh of the Houston Outlaws for his effective use of Tracer.

The Dallas Fuel’s relentless fight against the Houston Outlaws was what made this the most exciting match of the first day for OWL Opening Weekend. For Day 2, the Dallas Fuel brought this same energy when it went up against the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Day 2

The fights between the Dallas Fuel and the LA Gladiators were tense with one-point differences on each map. The LA Gladiators secured a win on Dorado, but the Dallas Fuel managed to take the cake with wins on Lijiang Tower, Blizzard World and Temple of Anubis. The Dallas Fuel was very precise with executing attacks by combining ultimate abilities such as HanBin’s Graviton Charge and SP9RK1E’s Pulse Bomb.

The last game of the match had the LA Gladiators moments away from getting the final point on Temple of Anubis after successfully securing the first point by sneaking through the choke. Birdring’s Reaper teleported to the point to stall for overtime, but Doha used his Mei to start a blizzard and kept the Gladiators off the point. The Dallas Fuel was on fire for Day 2 and achieved a well-deserved 3-1 win against the LA Gladiators. Player of the Match went to the Dallas Fuel’s very own Fearless, who was able to incapacitate a number of Gladiators with well placed Earth Shatters. 

Day 3

Overwatch April 2 1
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Arguably the most anticipated match of Opening Weekend was the Houston Outlaws versus the  two-time defending OWL Champions, the San Francisco Shock. It’s safe to say that the Outlaws were able to make a name for themselves against the Shock in a crazy six-map series. The Houston Outlaws secured three wins in a row on Lijiang Tower, Blizzard World and Dorado. Happy’s expert use of McCree left the Shock in a state of … what’s the word…  dismay. 

The San Francisco Shock were able to come back with back-to-back wins on Temple of Anubis and Oasis to keep itself in the game and send the match into overtime. Alas, Jjanggu’s Reinhardt delivered an Earth Shatter that kept the Shock from delivering the payload and that was that. With a final score of 3-2, the San Francisco Shock had to bend the knee to the new sheriffs in town, the Houston Outlaws. 

OWL Opening Weekend was huge for the Texas teams, especially the Houston Outlaws. Could this be the end of an era for the San Francisco Shock? We’ve got a long season ahead of us to find out. For the full rundown of all of the matches from Opening Weekend, click here.

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