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Hogwarts Legacy Delayed Until 2022

Hogwarts Legacy announced on its official Twitter account that the game will be pushed back a year. Now, the upcoming open world RPG inspired by the Harry Potter series will be released in 2022.

Image courtesy of Slash Film.

“Creating the best possible experience for all of the Wizarding World and gaming fans is paramount to us so we are giving the game the time it needs,” reads the statement, making the team’s exhaustion incredibly obvious through the absence of a quite standard comma.

Hogwarts Legacy was announced in September 2020 as one of the clear headliners of a Playstation 5 game showcase. The game will take place in the 1800s – well before any previously explored territory in the Harry Potter franchise.

The game’s announcement was met with mixed emotions by the legions of Harry Potter fans who were grappling with J.K. Rowling’s repeated transphobic remarks (which includes a whole essay) during the summer. (This also occurred simultaneously to global protests around the death of George Floyd, which further casts an unflattering light on her priorities.)

According to Bloomberg, Rowling’s hurtful, demeaning statements sparked concern with the team working on the game, as well. Reportedly, Rowling has had “very little direct involvement with the game,” yet purchasing the game would also directly benefit her financially.

I’m just glad I don’t have to think about it for another year.

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