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Hit indie games for PlayStation’s Play at Home Initiative

Who out there likes free stuff? I know I do. Whether it be meals comped by Syft, hotel shampoo bottles, or Costco samples, I’m always sniffing around for things I don’t have to pay for because times are tough and I need to take free stuff where I can. 

In the spirit of free stuff and getting through hard times, Sony has thrown out a fresh new batch of games for your at-home enjoyment. 

Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

That’s right you miserly basement-dwelling gamers like myself, Sony will give you free games to stay at home with so you don’t give your friends and family the ‘rona. 

Continuing with the PlayStation Play at Home initiative that Sony started last year and brought back in March, the Playstation store is currently chocked full of eight different critically-acclaimed indie games as well as Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Horizon Zero Dawn, with the latter being posted to the store on April 19.

While it’ll still be a few weeks till we can get our hands on the big budget robot dinosaur open-world antics of Horizon Zero Dawn, the selection of eight indie games including the likes of Enter the Gungeon, Abzu, and Subnautica are available now until April 22 at midnight and should be enough to hold us over. 

Courtesy of Dodge Roll

One of my personal highlights from the eight free indies is Enter the Gungeon. While rogue-likes and particularly bullet hellish rogue-likes is a soppingly saturated genre, Enter the Gungeon shakes up the formula at least visually with everything being cutesy guns and bullets. The enemies are bullets. The elevators bringing you between floors are also bullets. Sometimes your guns are even bullets that shoot more smaller bullets. 

Suffice to say, it’s a bullet-ridden good time. It’s easy to kill a couple hours here dying repeatedly while listening to a podcast. 

Courtesy of Drool

Next up is Thumper, a psychedelic bad trip of a rhythm game in PlayStation VR. That’s right, thanks to PlayStation’s Play at Home initiative, you also don’t need to leave the house or buy a black light poster to have a trippy cascade of visuals flow into your eyeballs, just a PS VR headset. 

The easiest way to describe Thumper is part on-rails rhythm game, part music visualizer, part seeing through the universe, meeting god, and realizing that we’re all one consciousness. It’s a good time. 

Courtesy of Charlie Cleveland

Lastly, we have Subnautica. Are you over this whole ‘surviving a pandemic’ thing? Is sitting at home, playing video games, and wearing a mask in public like a grown, responsible adult just too easy for you? Well, good on you for doing the bare minimum, which is more than can be said for a lot of people. 

Why don’t you reward yourself with a watery, less-dire survival situation with Subnautica, the exploration survival game where you dive deep into the oceanic planet you’re stranded on  to research wildlife and collect resources to survive.

And yeah, those are some of the highlights of the free games you can get this month through the PlayStation Play at Home initiative. Rez Infinite, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, and Paper Beast are also currently free, and Horizon Zero Dawn will be free on April 19. 


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