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Here’s what the King Kong v. Godzilla game could look like

Courtesy of Godzilla-movies

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the maaaiiiin event!

In the red corner, standing at nearly 400 feet tall and weighing 90 metric tons, fighting out of wherever he feels like swimming in the deepest depths of the ocean, he’s a big green reptilian machine, the King of the Monsters, GODZILLAAAAA!

And in the blue corner, having recently emerged from his subversive lair after 47 years, his height and weight are unknown, but as you can see, he’s become a behemoth in every sense of the word. He’ll destroy, he’ll maul, and he’s ready for a brawl, the Eighth Wonder of the World, Kiiiiiiiing KONNNGGGGGG!

A brutal battle of Kajui heavyweights likely won’t get a game format in the vein of EA’s Fight Night or Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Throwing on 20oz red rubber gloves isn’t in the cards. But if a game is developed, I have some ideas of what it could look like…

King Kong 1
Courtesy of Reddit, u/Glittering-Try1045

While the overarching theme is to determine who reigns supreme amongst Earth’s titans, the focus would rely heavily on a human main character. The monsters’ worst adversaries and greatest allies don’t hurl (literally) laser beams from their gullets or have the bite force of 9,000 Nile crocodiles, they look like us. Setting the game up as a third-person action-adventure role-playing game from the perspective of a human would make the game more comprehensive with a cerebral story arc. 

Now comes the storyline. To increase replay value, the game could have at least two, possibly three separate paths of completion. The first track would allow players to ride or die with a faction dedicated to the support of Kong. In the past, it would seem Kong has more emotional value making him more apt to human companionship. 

The Kong lore has always nurtured a growing relationship with a female human beginning in 1933 and into the present (peep the trailer). Because of this, choosing to side with Kong would be viewed as more of the traditional ‘good guy’ path. 

The second option for your character’s journey would be to roll with the Lizard King. Because he lacks any semblance of kinship with mankind, the walk down Godzilla avenue would lean towards a rogue pathway. While he did save U.S. citizens from the MUTO creatures, it certainly wasn’t to preserve the lives of millions. 

Godzilla’s primary goal was to assert his dominance over any and all living creatures that could possibly go toe-to-toe with the Reptilian Menace. Choosing Godzilla as your monster could mean your character aligns themselves (unknowingly) with an evil clandestine organization aiming to control the creature by using some sort of replicant of Godzilla’s DNA. 

Aside from the traditional “this-or-that” choice, a third track could offer a dastardly experience. Your character would begin on the same planned trajectory of choosing Kong or Godzilla, but your character could have the option of siding with the sinister cabal by way of making certain “butterfly effect” choices. For every conversation, your character could opt for specific renegade options that could breed a partnership with an organization with aspirations of world dominance — think Mass Effect or Witcher

For character capacity, the game would be best suited for something similar to Last of Us. Players would accumulate weapons and craftable items to protect themselves from armed enemies or crazed humans looking to terrorize people meandering through their territory. Raiding empty buildings and taking weapons off deceased adversaries would be key to player survival. 

Godzilla 1
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Finally, the battle of the beasts. Throughout the game, players would be thrust into the control of either Godzilla or King Kong. Early-game missions would allow the player to control each gargantuan, allowing players to get an idea of which path to pursue. The story’s climax would see the players coming into power of their monster and grappling with their titanic equal. And for the literary junkies, a climax is nothing without a resolution. The story could find resolution in an epic showdown with a perpetual villainous creature — perhaps MechaGodzilla? 

Each monster would have its respective powers and capabilities reflecting what we’ve seen throughout history: Godzilla with laser breath and nearly-impenetrable skin and Kong wielding a sword constructed of Godzilla fin and blazing agility. Players would kick, punch, and each other’s lunch as their monster until one stands victorious. A true war of the ages.

Whether we get a game of such epic proportion remains to be seen. But with the MonsterVerse standing as such a popular franchise, the development of a video game would not surprise me — in fact, I believe it’s only a matter of time. And I hope that time comes sooner rather than later. 

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