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Here Are The 2021 LPL Spring Split Playoff Matchups

Courtesy of LPL

The LPL has been considered as the top league in the world, alongside LCK, in the League of Legends scene. The league picked up where it left off with the start of 2021 and still continues to dominate the world. The regular season came to an end a couple of days ago and playoff competition has begun. 

According to format, the top 10 teams of the regular season clinched a spot in the playoff bracket. LNG and Bilibili Gaming fought for the 10th seed until the last match and Tarzan’s LNG managed to claim the last spot.

LPL 2021 Spring Split Top 10

  1. Royal Never Give Up
  2. EDward Gaming
  3. Top Esports
  4. JD Gaming
  5. FunPlus Phoenix
  6. Team WE
  7. Suning
  8. Rare Atom
  9. Invictus Gaming
  10. LNG Esports

The 2021 regular season was full of surprises and upsets, but in the end, what matters is the playoffs. The first round of the action has already been played. LNG Esports and Invictus Gaming got eliminated pretty early. You can find the playoff tree below.

Courtesy of GamePedia

Invictus Gaming continues to fall apart as the team lost to Rare Atom in the first round. Suning’s win over LNG was expected, but Suning’s dominance was a little bit of a surprise there as LNG Esports couldn’t prevent getting swept. However, Suning players showed what they are capable of and their playoff buffs are here again. Just like last year, Suning had an average performance during the regular season and turned into monsters in the playoffs.

RNG and EDG are waiting for their opponents in the fourth round. If the second-round teams aim to beat these two giants, they first have to surpass JD Gaming and Top Esports in the third round. 

Whatever happens, RNG and EDG are still the favorites of the split. If Suning can surpass Team WE in the second round, it will face Top Esports in the third round to get its revenge from last year.

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