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He Got Next {Now}: The Future of Gaming, Sceptic

The flames that light the fire of esports and gaming shine only as bright as the souls of those who look to carry the industry into the future. Sceptic—one of gaming’s brightest young stars– has already proven in his young career that he will be one of the carriers of this sacred flame into the foreseeable future.

The torch is lit—and he’s running with it. 🔥

He Got Next {Now}: The Future of Gaming, Sceptic 4

We start this hero’s tale in mid-2018, when a child of prophecy from Long Island, New York burst onto the scene and put the entire gaming world on notice. A then-14-year-old Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski put an exclamation point on his rise when he popped off on mega-popular streamer Tfue during a chance encounter in Fortnite. The prodigal duel between a young upstart and hotshot internet legend will forever be immortalized in history as Sceptic’s first YouTube video titled, “THIS 14 YEAR OLD KID *DESTROYED* TFUE (INSANE),” which currently has over ten million views. This triumphant victory raised his stock higher than GameStop’s in 2021, and suddenly, a new champion in the realm of esports was born. 

Shortly afterwards in August 2018, he signed with United Kingdom-based esports organization Misfits Gaming as one of their first marquee Fortnite players, becoming one of the youngest esports pros ever. Sceptic would continue this momentum as he qualified for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup with then-duos partner Cody “Clix” Conrod, earning himself a $100,000 split for his performance.

Source: Sceptic/Instagram

After leaving Misfits in July 2019, the young content creator would take his talents to Luminosity Gaming, one of the largest globally recognized esports organizations in North America, towards the end of the same year. After a seven-month stint with LG, Sceptic would further enhance his brand by becoming an esports ambassador for Team Whistle (Whistle Sports), a prominent sports and entertainment company based out of New York. He has also partnered with and made appearances for the Miami Heat, the PGA Tour, Samsung, and American Eagle and collaborated with music producer, Marshmello. 

In October of last year, Misfits Gaming welcomed the superstar gamer back home to the family in what was a huge ‘victory royale’ for the organization. Fresh off an enormous ambassador deal and a reunion with his old stomping grounds, Sceptic would go on to do well… more Sceptic-like things, namely, pushing the boundaries of esports and gaming. The 16-year-old creative joined the prestigious Ford Models in December 2020 as part of their rapidly growing esports and gaming division, joining a stacked roster of other notable gaming figures.

Sceptic: The Origin Story

Fun fact: The name ‘Sceptic’ is a complete accident, and was originally supposed to be “Sceptile,” based on the Pokémon—a familiar trend among the gaming community among names such as FaZe Blaze (formerly Blaziken) FaZe Mew, and Pokimane.

“I sort of stole it off a Pokémon and I spelled it wrong by accident,” he explained.

Thus, the title ‘Sceptic’ (pronounced just like the word “skeptic”) was manifested and ran with. And although that is his name, there are no questions or doubts about the future in store for one of gaming’s brightest young stars. But as the saying goes, one must understand their past in order to know their future…

As a young kid fascinated with the world of gaming, Sceptic cites Ninja—one of the biggest streamers and content creators in the world—as one of his early influences.

“I just liked playing games,” he said. “I was messing around just streaming to my friends to show them my point of view of how I was playing, and from there it sort of turned into more and more people tuning in.” He would later describe the extent to which he blew up “shocking” and “really, really, weird to me at first.” Sceptic first fell in love with video games at the tender age of three, playing games like Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. on the Wii with his cousin. He graduated to a PlayStation, which he played until he was about eight years old, then an Xbox until he was 11 or 12 before finally being gifted a PC from his parents for Christmas. These supportive and wonderful parents instilled a “no days off” mentality within their son well before he would feature in a series titled “No Days Off.” The young gamer would have to earn the accessories for his gaming setup by doing household chores and helping Mom at work on the weekends—a rooted system of discipline that Sceptic adopted around ten years old, when he really started to get into gaming.

Similar to how the most exquisite chefs use the finest ingredients for their dishes, Sceptic does his work with the finest of equipment. Now, as a 16-year-old star with a big bank account, he earns his living with nothing less than tippity-top notch quality with his extravagant gaming setup– his $10,000 setup, that is. .

“People don’t want to watch something that looks like a potato.” – Sceptic (2019)


Sceptic’s stylish presentation does not stop there, however. His exceptional equipment reflects his equally-as-fashionable swag. Whether it’s the aesthetic sophistication of Yeezy’s or the seasoned look of Nike Dunks or SPs, the Fortnite gamer can be seen laced with a fresh pair of heat on the feet at all times. He also has his own line of merch… because of course he does. (Cop the drip here.)

This appealing combination of style along with his world-class gaming skills and high-energy, positive content have made the content creator one of the most celebrated young stars in the community. If you need more convincing, let’s check the scoreboard:

Twitter: 107,000+ followers

Instagram: 491,000+ followers

Twitch: 700,000+ followers

YouTube: 1.45 million subscribers & over 110,000,000 views

Total outreach: a lot of people.

All of that to say this: nothing of note is gained without putting in the work first. Sceptic is on record stating he’s spent upwards of eight hours a day working on aim, rotation, and comms (communication between partners, mainly in competitive play.)

“I was playing Fortnite for a year and a half before I actually took off,” he said. “That could be you. Just keep at it. The more time you put into it, the better chance you have of a good outcome.”  

The young g (gamer) also shared his most valuable trade secrets to being a successful content creator: “You’ve got to be entertaining, uplifting, energetic, positive, and determined.”

The esports landscape is most certainly poised to continue to grow and expand upon its global influence in the years to come. The audience will grow, new personalities will enter the fray, exceptionally gifted, charismatic young gamers will arise, and new, innovative games will emerge like fuel added to a flame. 

“People are getting more interested in {esports} every single day,” Sceptic said. “More and more people are going online, and going on Twitch, and going on YouTube, and watching these events, watching these people play. If there’s games to play, I think esports will keep growing.”

At 16 years old, Sceptic has come into his own not only as a respected gamer and content creator, but also as a role model and positive influence on his legion of young followers. He’s a beacon of light not only for kids, but for parents, who can feast their eyes on what a young professional gamer looks like and has the potential to be. Sceptic can even help parents envision, or at least be more open to, a possible career in gaming for their child.

Poppa Sceptic can be quoted in the aforementioned “No Days Off” video referring to Sceptic as something like “The John Cena of streaming.” I’d say the one major difference is that we will actually see Sceptic maintain his title as one of the leading figures in gaming for many years to come.

John Cena Time is Now
Courtesy of Tenor, The NextBIGThing

His time is now.

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