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Happy Birthday, Star Fox

Happy birthday to gaming’s no. 1 ace pilot, Fox McCloud, a.k.a Star Fox!

April 27 was the unofficial birthday of the chief protagonist to one of Nintendo’s many major franchises, Star Fox. Any chance to acknowledge a memorable character from my childhood is one that I’ll happily exploit, so let’s celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Star Fox
Happy Birthday, Star Fox 6

Star Fox has been a mainstay video game character ever since his debut in 1993. The Star Fox series is widely known for its aerial combat and gameplay, which are recognized as the series’ high points. My fondest memories of the franchise and character come from Star Fox Adventures, released in 2002 for the GameCube. This game differed from others in the series by being an action-adventure game instead of an on-rail shooter.

Star Fox
Courtesy of Nintendo
Star Fox
Courtesy of Nintendo

Fox has starred in nine Star Fox games and is also a playable character in all five iterations of the wildly popular Super Smash Bros. series.

Fox McCloud is an expert pilot skilled in both air and ground-based attacking who possessed a great affinity for combat at a young age and diligently prepared to become a great leader, just like his father. After his father was tragically killed  via betrayal from his right hand man, a young Fox was thrust into a leadership role he wasn’t initially ready for. The Star Fox series chronicles the evolution of a young hotshot who inherits the will of his father and eventually becomes a leader others would gladly follow into battle.

Star Fox
Courtesy of Nintendo

Fox is the esteemed commander-in-chief and inheritor of the Star Fox Team, a legendary team of mercenaries and adventurers-for-hire. They’re an elite unit of highly skilled and noble combatants who only work for commitments that serve justice. The team includes a melting pot group of characters based around various creatures in the animal kingdom, including Falco, who appears alongside Fox in the Smash Bros. games.

Star Fox
The Star Fox Team in Star Fox Zero (2015). Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo’s superstar roster of iconic video game characters is very well documented and celebrated—the likes of Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and even Pikachu (all of Pokémon really) are among the company’s most prominent figures and have dominated headlines over the years as the faces of their respective legendary series.

While not quite as popular, I’m here to tell anyone who will listen that Star Fox is pretty alright himself.

I leave you with sage words from the great James McCloud, Star Fox’s late father. These words would go on to shape his character and buttress his unrelenting resolve and discipline as a leader. They read:

“Never give up. Trust your instincts.”

Thank you, Nintendo, for creating such an awesome character. Happy birthday, Fox!

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