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Guild Esports Takes Down Dfuse Team in Brilliant EU Masters 1 Series

Group B’s second- and third- seeded teams, Guild Esports and Dfuse Team, battled for the playoff spot. The winner of the round was going to face Group A leader Team Heretics in semifinals and Guild Esports had the honor of making it out of the group stage. The team will face Team Heretics tomorrow for a Grand Final spot. 

Guild over Dfuse Masters 1 1
Courtesy of VCT


The series started with rodeN’s three-kill opening pistol round performance as Dfuse Team led the early stages. Guild Esports’ plays were desperate against its opponent’s magnificent team effort. Except hoppY, Dfuse players all had great efforts during the early rounds, and after some point, hoppY joined his teammates with a brilliant clutch making Dfuse sell on its lead and pursued his rising graphic. 

Guild wasn’t planning on giving up too early after Sayf’s convincing performance. At first, taking control of the bomb side wasn’t so difficult for the side of Dfuse, but with Leo’s incredible individual performance, things got heated. In the end, Dfuse closed down the map after securing the 13th round. The balanced frag contribution on the Dfuse side was the name of the game.


Just like the first map, Dfuse Team had a strong start to the game. This time hoppY was the protagonist for the Dfuse side. Guild made a comeback and tied the game in the early stages. This early performance from Guild prevented a one-sided economy throughout the second map. Leo carried his team on his shoulders like Atlas from Greek Mythology. Guild Esports got ahead after Yacine’s huge contribution, but logaNNNN was pretty ineffective during the middle stage. This time it was Dfuse who made desperate moves in order to stay in the game. Guild managed to win the second map by a score of 13-6 to take the series to the third game.


The last game of the series was super entertaining. It was a head-to-head competition between these two eager teams. Guild Esports didn’t let Dfuse Team have a one-sided game after its 2-0 start to the map and matched the effort. Leo is the real clutch master and it became official after this series as he is just too clever when he is the last man standing in his team. This individual effort helped Guild Esports take the momentum and pursue its lead. The score was 6-6 heading into halftime. 

Quoting the commentators here: “THIS HAS BEEN A SICK GAME SO FAR.” The second half started with round exchanges and both teams tried to excel upon each other. Dfuse reached the 10-round point first whereas Guild was sitting at eight. After that point, things switched around as Guild reached the match point. Dfuse couldn’t clutch the last round and Guild Esports won the series, coming back from a one game deficit. 


Farewell to Dfuse Team. Even though Dfuse tried hard to advance in the tournament, it was impossible to win against Leo. It is clear that Valorant is a 5v5 team game, but today Leo was just different and unbeatable. If him and his teammates keep up this chemistry tomorrow, we may see them competing in the Grand Final.

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