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Guild Esports Eliminates Alliance in VCT 2021 Europe: Masters 1

Guild Esports took over Alliance in the elimination match of Group B, and proceeded to the decider match. Lasting nearly three hours, the showdown had so much strategic deepness and high-quality gameplay from both teams.

Guild over Alliance 1
Courtesy of Riot Games


Valorant’s Europe scene has witnessed one of the longest games since the game’s beta. Consisting of four overtimes, the first map of Alliance vs Guild on Haven lasted one hour and five minutes. The competition was all about strategy, wise usage of abilities and rotations around the map to find the optimal attack plan. Even though the matchup didn’t contain crazy gunfights and mind-blowing flickshots, watching this intense rivalry was pure enjoyment. However, Guild Esports managed to steal the map point 17-15 at the end.


If you watched the FPX-Guild series two days ago, you can guess that Split was the choice of Guild Esports. However, there was one more team who was prepared as well as Guild for this map: Alliance. Like the first map, Split has been played slowly by both teams creating strategies around Breach’s utilities. Every time Alliance tried to steal the momentum during the match, Sayf was the player who stopped them. But still, Alliance managed to take the match into overtime and tied the series at 14-12.


Both sides brought their best forms of defense into the server for the last map of the series, but Guild was better in terms of executing attacks. After the 8-4 Alliance lead in the first half, Leo carried Guild Esports by himself in the first round and stole the round, which led his team’s comeback. Unfortunately, the end wasn’t quite well for Alliance after such a great run. Guild popped off at the end of the map and eliminated Alliance from VCT 2021 Europe: Masters 1 with a 13-10 score and 2-1 map count.

This was one of the closest matchups in Valorant history, and it provided top-level competition for nearly three hours. However, Alliance stayed out of the tournament with this result while Guild Esports proceeded to the decider match of Group B.

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