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Hidden Gems: Your Guide To Finding The Best Indie Games

The world of video games is vast and largely uncharted. There are so many games out there that there’s no way for one gamer to know and enjoy all of them. At times, it can feel like you’re only getting to experience a tiny fraction of what everyone else is talking about. 

But what about the games nobody is talking about? Just because a game doesn’t get tossed around on Twitter and Twitch doesn’t mean it’s not great. There are plenty of hidden gems out there in the gaming world that you really have to dig for, and today, we’ll be exploring exactly how to search for the games you might never have learned about if you didn’t dive deep. 

Hidden Gems Your Guide To Finding The Best Indie Games
Hidden Gems: Your Guide To Finding The Best Indie Games 7

On The ‘Tube

One of the most adventurous ways to find new games to play is to let your YouTube suggested videos section take you away. If you’ve spent enough time on YouTube, you already know about the whirlwind of strange videos you may end up seeing if you let your suggestions carry you far enough into the YouTube-time warp. When looking for new games, you can use the algorithm to your advantage, even taking control of your recommendations if you’re looking to be pointed towards specific games. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of YouTube

With simple steps like managing your watch and search history, choosing your recommendation topics, and inputting your “Not interested” information, you can get YouTube to recommend you games you want to watch more of. 

Just Google It

Another option is to do a Google search for your favorite game genre and, instead of just looking at the first few pages, select the 10th or 11th page of search results. You’re guaranteed to find some new games that would never have made it to the first few pages. According to a study Advanced Web Rankings did in 2014, over 67% of all clicks on search engines don’t make it past the first five results on the page. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of SoftwareSuggest 

While this is important for brands to know so they can work on getting up in those first five results, it’s also important for you to know so you can start looking at more than what you would usually click on. If you’ve never gone past those first five results, try it out next time you hit up Google looking for a new game. Type in your genre or whatever identifying feature you want, then scroll down to the page options, click on something past page five, and see where it takes you! 

Down The Reddithole 

If you’re looking for specific recommendations, you can do some digging on Reddit for subreddits related to the types of gaming you enjoy. As someone who writes about gaming, I can tell you that when I’m looking into a specific corner of the gaming community or looking for information on a certain game, Reddit is one of the first places I visit. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Reddit

The variety of subreddits out there means that you’ll likely find something you’ve always wanted to learn about or something that you never knew you would be looking for. Of course, you can always start by looking into the most popular gaming subreddits, but you don’t have to stop there. The next time you have an hour or so to yourself, get lost in the gaming community on Reddit, and you may be surprised by what you can find. 

Strike A Chord

In the same vein as finding new subreddits, you can also go the route of joining public gaming Discord servers to discover conversations around different games. Discord, with all its features, is already perfectly suited towards gamers, and the amount of public servers out there that cater towards gaming is absolutely amazing. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Discord

If you’re looking to dive even deeper into the community around a specific game and hopefully find some like-minded gamers with great game recommendations, hopping into some servers is the way to go. 

Friends Are The Best

If you’re looking to get truly personal opinions on games before you play them, one of the best ways to find new games is to ask your friends which they would recommend. Specifically, ask them which games they wish someone had told them about sooner. 

Indie Games
Courtesy of Shutterstock

There’s nothing better than recommendations from friends, because they already know you and won’t recommend something they know you won’t be interested in. While you may get fewer recommendations compared to other options on this list (depending on how large your friend group is), personalized recommendations from the people you love are always a great idea. 

Whether you choose one, two, or all of these steps in your next game search, you’re sure to find something that you wouldn’t have stumbled across before. Wherever your search takes you, enjoy! And, if you find your next favorite game, make sure to pass it on to your friends. 

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