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Los Angeles Guerillas Struggles in Second Consecutive Disastrous Season

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment wanted to compete in the newly announced Call of Duty League back in late 2019 and formed the Los Angeles Guerillas. It was a newly founded team and the expectations were low for many fans, and LAG had a difficult season last year. Surprisingly, the 2021 season was also not in favor of the team. The Guerillas failed to make it to the championship stage this year and couldn’t even get a victory during the Stage V Group Stage.

Courtesy of Call of Duty League/Los Angeles Guerillas

Call of Duty League 2020 Season

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment announced the Los Angeles Guerillas’ roster before the season started and the five-man squad did not look like a contender. Aches, AquA, Decemate, Saints and Lacefield had a rough opening and we saw some roster changes in the next few weeks. Even with Vivid on the roster, the Los Angeles Guerillas ended the season in the 11-12th spot, sharing the last row with Seattle Surge.

Call of Duty League 2021 Season

The team did a great job keeping Vivid within the organization and added three more players with the changed ruleset. Vivid, Apathy, Assault and SiLLY looked like a great roster on paper, but it was not the case once again. On top of these four, the Guerillas added some substitutes, including Cheen, a.k.a. Chino, which was a superb move to keep a talented player as a substitute. Unfortunately, the team failed to meet the expectations once again and even lost Vivid to Dallas Empire as the season proceeded. 

Stage-by-stage placings of the Los Angeles Guerillas in 2021

Stage 1 – 5 – 6

Stage 2 – 11 – 12

Stage 3 – 9 – 10

Stage 4 – 9 – 10 

Stage 5 In progress

Four teams had to be out of the championship stage according to this year’s ruleset, but seeing Los Angeles Guerillas upon those teams is heartbreaking. Assault, Apathy and SiLLY were the members of the Evil Geniuses roster which won the Call of Duty World League Championship in 2018 and took home a prize of $600,000. Most of the players have ups and downs in every season, mainly due to game changes, but this roster aimed a lot higher than this before the season started.

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