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Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity?

So you’ve told your friends about your Twitch and YouTube accounts,  purchased a gaming monitor and some high-quality gear, learned about monetization, and you’re ready to take your stream to the next level to land on a service like SYFT.GG. Still, you ask yourself, “What should I prioritize? Quality or Quantity?” “Do I spend a lot of time on one video/stream, or do I put out a bunch which are so-so?”

Well, we’ve got your back, buddy.

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 7

Being a successful streamer is undoubtedly one of the most appealing jobs in the world today. Countless gifts, opportunities, and pleasures are just a few of the perks you’d enjoy; however, like all things, it’d come at a sacrifice. From missing that birthday party for a stream to waking up super early to finish off leftovers, reaching that goal is never gonna be possible unless you put in the work.

One very important aspect of the process is content. Streamers have different approaches to content: one can either focus on quantity, going above and beyond to make the highest number of videos possible, or focus on quality, spending all their energy on making the best 1-2 videos per week they can. Ideally, you’re after a higher view count, but if you’re not quite sure how to achieve it yet, take a screenshot of this upcoming list: you’ll need it as you travel down this road.

Courtesy of Nintendo

1- Either focus on quality or quantity, but don’t focus on both at the same time.

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 8

A very common mistake streamers make is that they don’t pick a specific goal and stick to it. For starters, we would recommend picking a goal and sticking to it for a significant period of time in order to decide whether it’s working or not. To clear up your mind, and after doing your own research,  either prioritize the quality or quantity of your content and don’t look back. Only when you’re in a position to compare your results should you possibly reconsider.

 2- For FPS games, prioritize quantity.

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 9

FPS games are one of the most popular esports genres right now, so if streaming FPS games is your niche, we suggest you put your efforts into quantity. This is mainly due to the outrageous amount of players in this genre who watch streams every single second. Quantity would also be your best bet because most FPS games are rapidly updated with daily challenges and cosmetics, leading you to serious growth if you upload your content on time.

3- For sports games, prioritize quantity. 

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 10

Similar to FPS, sports games are constantly updated, and sometimes linked with real-life events. An example of that is the World Cup Mode in Fifa, where players’ real-life performances result in upgrades to their Fifa card. This is one of the most enjoyable game modes in Fifa and is backed by a significant rise in views. Consequently, you need to up your quantity in sports games to stay under the spotlight and create your own audience.

4- For arcade games, prioritize quality.

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 11

Arcade games are somewhat tricky because they usually have a very specific audience, and if you’re not able to reach that demographic, it’s tough to increase your view count. That’s why you’ll need to dedicate all your efforts to quality. With high-quality streams for arcade games, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

5- For fighting games, prioritize quality.

Growing your stream
Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity? 12

This genre of games, including UFC, WWE, and more is a tricky business as well because it’s not so much about the updatable content as it is about view volatility. We did our research and found out that view count can hugely vary for fighting gamers for no specific reason. This means quantity won’t do you as well as quality, where you could potentially be able to be amongst the top tier of streamers in the genre.

6- Transition from one priority to the other when the timing’s right

Ultimately, having a high upload count whilst simultaneously maintaining top-notch quality is every streamer’s dream. As we mentioned, you’re better off focusing on one aspect at a time; however, a significant part of the process is transitioning from quality to quantity or vice versa. We’ll tell you exactly how and when to do so.

If you start off focusing on the quality of your content, a good rule of thumb is to transition to the quantity-driven approach once you’ve mastered your quality game and seen significant growth in that area. On the other hand, a good time to transition from quantity-based content to quality-based content is when you’ve created your own audience and are able to stay up to date with content modifications but aren’t quite there yet in terms of content quality. The bottom line is, successful transitions depend on how you can effectively reach your end goal. We wish you the best of luck and believe you can achieve anything in life through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. All the best. 

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