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GrantTheGoat: YouTube’s Dynamic Fortnite Mobile Master

1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Check.

Mobile gaming extraordinaire. Check.

Goated in the Fortnite community. Check.

All at the age of 17. This is the story of one of the G.O.A.T.’s—GrantTheGoat.

GrantTheGoat: YouTube’s Dynamic Fortnite Mobile Master 6

Grant The Goat made a name for himself as a popular, top-tier mobile Fortnite player in a world where PC and console gaming reigns supreme. The unique ability to build and the cartoonish look of the game are the two biggest aspects that drew the Fortnite phenom to the insanely popular battle royale game. Little do people know, Grant actually began as a PC gamer and streamer a little over two years ago, in 2018. After a few months of streaming, he “saw more people tuning in and was gaining viewers and then it just kind of shot up one day,” he says. “People were saying I’m recommended and things like that [and] I knew at that point I could grow and take this somewhere.”

It was around this time that TheGoat took his talents to daily YouTube content and shifted from the PC to a touchscreen. With an iPhone, and eventually an ipad, he would become the undisputed king of Fortnite Mobile.

He quickly ascended the ranks as a top Youtuber with his incredible, uncanny skill and rare ability to dominate competition as a mobile player. The world first took note of Grant’s ability on Dec. 18, 2018, when he uploaded his first viral video titled, “what are “game pads?” @Ninja.” It was in this video that the mobile god silenced all of his haters as he used a handcam to prove that his fingers were his weapons of choice and not a gamepad or keyboard, like many doubters claimed. The 17 year old Youtube sensation has been on the fast lane to internet infamy ever since, reaching 1 million youtube subscribers less than 2 years later and currently sitting at 1.7 million subscribers and over 150 million views.

Grant in FaZe x Kappa Collab Source: Instagram\GrantTheGoatyt


His humorous personality and creative video production on top of his mad impressive Fortnite abilities has established GrantTheGoat as a juggernaut in the community and his videos are consistently among the most engaged gaming content on youtube. Grant even channeled his creativity into a viral music video earlier this year, “Salty” ft. Tiko, which now has over six million views.

It turns out he also has the gift of gab, on top of being a god-tier Fortnite Mobile savage. GOAT status confirmed.

Despite his early success, Grant has made it his mission to remain humble and keep striving to be the best version of himself possible. It is this mindset that motivates the young Youtuber to refuse to let any negativity have an influence on him, thus the inspiration behind his motto: ‘Positive vibes only.’ “I know I have a lot of kids watching,” says Grant. “I think it’s important to always focus on who your audience is no matter what content you make.” He notes that it’s important to him to help his young audience grow in a positive manner and that throughout his YouTube career, he’s had a lot of moments of negativity from outside people. “All you got to do is just try and stay positive”.

Grant has turned his skill and passion of gaming into a promising YouTube career even though he’s only been making YouTube videos for two years now. He notes that when he first started, he “didn’t really think of anything happening,” but now that he’s risen up and become successful, he’s “got to keep grinding, {and} got to keep pushing.” When asked what advice he’d give for anyone looking to make YouTube content, he had these words to share:

“Don’t listen to anybody, or whatever they say. There are a lot of people, if you’re creating content, that will definitely hate on you. You got to just focus on yourself and know what you want to do and if this is something you really want to do, you know you’ll stick with it. I think that also creating content you love is very important. There are a lot of youtubers that go on to create content they don’t love and I think that really just causes burnout… It’s really just about making content that makes you happy—even if it doesn’t do well.”

Grant has already fulfilled one of his oldest childhood dreams to become a Youtuber. Among his biggest goals now is to sign with an esports organization (#FaZeGrant anybody?)  

As his legacy continues, GrantTheGoat is sure to journey into even greener pastures and continue to cement his legacy as one of the G.O.A.T’s. There has never been another..

Positive vibes only.

YouTube – @GrantTheGoat

Twitter – @grantthegoatyt

Instagram – @grantthegoatyt

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