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Good News: Riot Games Has Revealed the All-Star 2020 Event

Less than a week after the end of Worlds 2020, Riot Games announced its next international League of Legends event. It has been revealed that the 2020 All-Star Event will be played between December 18th to the 20th. Due to the global pandemic, the event will be fully online.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Unlike the other international League of Legends events, All-Star is always based on entertainment, and this year will be the same as top players gather together and have fun while trying to do unusual things. Because it will be held online, All-Star 2020 will have alterations in the format. The new format is divided into two different stages: “Underdog Uprising” and “Superstar Showdown.”

The 2020 All-Star Event will start on December 18 with Underdog Uprising, where the neighboring regions will compete with each other and the minor leagues will aim to overcome the major ones. The representative players of the regions will be determined with the fans’ vote as usual. All-Star voting starts on November 9 and lasts until the 16th. This year, you’ll be able to vote for one pro in each role from as many leagues as you’d like. The regions that will face each other are:

  • LCK vs PCS & OCE
  • LPL vs VCS & LJL
  • LCS vs LLA & CBLOL
  • LEC vs TCL & LCL
Underdog Uprising
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In Superstar Showdown, LCK, LPL, LEC and LCS will have 3 different teams each: an “All-Star team” which consists of 5 pro players determined by the votes; a “Legends team” with 5 former pros; and a “Queue Kings” roster with 5 top influencers. The LCK and LPL rosters will battle each other on December 19th. While the Queue Kings and Legends teams will play a BO1, the All-Star teams are going to square off with one another in a BO3 showdown series. According to Riot, it will feature different rules than a regular Summoner’s Rift match.

Superstar Showdown
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

On December 20, the scene will belong to the LEC and LCS squads. For the non-pro matches, there won’t be any changes in the format. But all All-Stars teams will have to adapt to one new rule: both teams’ captains are going to pick at least two players from each region. That means that on December 20th, we’re going to watch a BO3 series with two LCS&LEC mixed teams battling with each other.

1v1 competitions also start on the first day of the occasion, December 18th. Each region organizes the showdowns on their own, and they continue on December 19th 20th.

In the article, Riot mentioned that due to today’s conditions, the 2020 All-Star Event will be held online, therefore the players will have more ping than they used to. However, they’ll find the best location to erase the disadvantage as much as possible.

Us here at Syft are looking forward to the action and will keep you posted as the event progresses.

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