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GeT_RiGhT Announces His Retirement From Pro Play To Become Content Creator

It’s a sad day for esports as it lost one of its greatest competitors. Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, arguably the best Counter-Strike player in history, has announced his retirement from professional play. Alesund is going to continue his career as a content creator for Dignitas, which was his last team.

Get Right ESL 1
Photo courtesy of ESL

The 30-year-old player has been teasing the change for nearly a month. On Dec. 26, GeT_RiGhT shared a video clip in which VALORANT script shines at the end. After the video, the Counter-Strike community was upset while VALORANT players got excited as they thought the veteran player moved to their game to compete.

However, the sadness of losing a legend wrapped players from all communities on Jan. 16. On that day, Alesund published a thread in which he thanked so many people, including his wingman in CS:GO, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, and unveiled his retirement and plans to become a content creator.

“I’ve been starting to enjoy more and more streaming, and doing content creating and also working on side projects that actually help the games that I’m very interested in,” GeT_RiGhT said in an interview with Dexerto. “And also their different scenes. I can’t really go into details. But, a lot more things are coming into the future with it.”

GeT_RiGhT already created a beautiful universe for his streams in which he’s going to play different games and started streaming VALORANT lately. You can follow his Twitch channel from here.

Get Right Stream
Photo courtesy of GeT_RiGhT

GeT_RiGhT started to build his legacy in Counter-Strike 1.6 when he managed huge success with Fnatic, SK Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Even at those times, he was the famous and talented kid in the servers, but when CS:GO was released, he moved to the new game like everybody else. In earlier years of CS:GO, Ninjas in Pyjamas put an embargo on the scene thanks to its legendary squad of GeT_RiGht, f0rest, Xizt, Fifflaren and friberg as it broke a record by winning 87 consecutive games.

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