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Gen.G Takes Down Team Envy to Advance to VCT NA Masters Lower Bracket Finals

In what could be considered one of the bigger upsets of the tournament, Gen.G Esports shook off an extremely rough first game to beat Team Envy 2-1 in the Lower Bracket Final. Here is how the rematch played out:

GenG over Envy Masters 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA


Although Ascent was Gen.G’s chosen map, it did them no favors as after the first 12 rounds, Envy led 10-2. It also appeared that Gen.G was using this first game to fine tune which tactics it would lean on in later games, and ultimately, it had a hard time competing against Envy. 

Credit also has to go to Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo and Victor “food” Wong; In those first 12 rounds, they combined for 28 kills and typically led Envy to a round win, provided they were alive of course. 

From there, Gen.G would only take two more rounds as Envy took the first game 13-4. Food was Envy’s MVP in game one, racking up a combat score of 321 and setting the tone for the match alongside mummAy. 


After winning 13-6 the last time they played on Haven, Envy looked to carry the momentum and map knowledge into this game; however, Gen.G looked more poised in the early going, splitting the first 16 rounds. 

It appeared that Gen.G began to figure out what worked against Envy as its confidence continually built until it was 12-8 in the former’s favor. With Danny “huynh” Huynh and Michael “MkaeL” De Luca leading the way for Gen.G, the team began to play more aggressively, even though Envy was able to make the game close at 12-10. 

On round 23, both sides went all out in hopes to shift the tide of the game in their favor. In the end, MkaeL was just too much for Envy as Gen.G closed out the game 13-10. MkaeL was Gen.G’s MVP, going an impressive 26-13.


With the series tied one game apiece, both sides looked to have a strong start in the deciding game. That said, it was Gen.G that took the initiative, building off its previous win. The previous win gave the team so much confidence that at one point, it led 7-0.

Stunned by such a turnaround, Envy looked lost and all the tactics it had planned were just not working. Envy was able to get three of the next five rounds to make it 9-3, so a mighty comeback was indeed possible. 

As the game was on match point in favor of Gen.G, Envy kept fighting, eventually turning what was initially a lopsided affair into a respectable deficit of 12-8. But Envy’s comeback bid came too little, too late as on an economic round, Gen.G was able to eliminate the entire team to get the thrifty win on round 21 to win the game 13-8. 

Anthony “gMd” Guimond led the way with 24 kills and was Gen.G’s MVP. With that stunning victory, Gen.G defeated one of the more heavily favored squads 2-1. 

Gen.G will take on FaZe Clan to see who will advance to the Grand Final to ultimately face Sentinels on March 20. 

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