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Gen.G Beats XSET to Advance in Valorant Masters, Shawn Rings the Victory Bell

Gen.G and XSET competed against each other to advance in the lower bracket of VCT NA Masters. Gen.G, which is actually based in South Korea, managed to beat its opponent in two games without dropping one; however, the second game was really close though. At some point, we all thought XSET was coming back to force the third game, but Shawn had other ideas. XSET had us all excited for a few minutes but failed to finish the job.

GenG over XSET NA Masters 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour

Game 1 – Ascent

Gen.G won the first round with the huge help of koosta, and huynh joined his teammate for even a better performance in the second round in favor of Gen.G. However, the team failed to keep it together and faced four consecutive losses. The mid-stage of the game went back and forth. Gen.G players stepped up for the second time to stretch to a 11-8 lead. After this point, XSET lost all its map control and momentum. Gen.G closed out the first game with a strong ending.

Game 2 – Haven

With the momentum and the mental boost from the first game, Gen.G made a rapid entrance into the second one. Shawn stepped up in the early stages to get his team three rounds ahead of the opponent. Haven was chosen by XSET, so as tradition, it wasn’t going to be a one-sided map. Even though XSET grabbed a few rounds, Shawn was the gatekeeper for the win on the side of Gen.G. BcJ was the last man standing for the side of XSET, but that wasn’t enough. Gen.G won the game and completed the series 2-0 without many casualties.

Gen.G Esports kept its faith alive by winning the first round of the lower bracket. On the other hand, it is over for XSET as it failed to use its last chance. Gen.G will face the Luminosity-Immortals matchup’s winner in lower’s bracket Round 2. To be honest, Shawn was the dealbreaker today. If he keeps on playing like this, Gen.G may be the biggest favorite in the next round. Whoever comes from the other matchup will probably hope Shawn doesn’t perform as he did against XSET.

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