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GDC Showcase: Marketing Mistakes with Innersloth

Social media creates a false narrative of everyone else being perfect, never making mistakes or having failures. However, according to Victoria Tran, the Community Director at Innersloth, and former Community manager at Kitfox games, failure is important!

All Images Courtesy of GDC

Failures and mistakes let us grow as people and creators. To highlight this, she shared several personal failings, and how she worked to become a better content creator because of them. Also, she had a really fun cow farm metaphor about taking trash failures and composting it to help facilitate growth and change, which is honestly moo-d. (Yes, pun intended.)

“Success is trash- Success is built on the ruins of failures that nobody else has seen…” said Tran during her talk, elaborating that, “Success isn’t just built on one pile of trash. It’s built on so much trash, so much trash failure, and sometimes even spectacular failures.” The goal, however, isn’t that it’s trash forever. “It can become compost. Failure is more than just an embarrassing moment in my life that I want to bury. I can learn from it… I can make it make me smarter, invigorate me, and become a better, more well-rounded person… failure becomes the compost and fertilizer for growth and success.” 

“I want my trash to become a resource that feeds into the roots of my success and have it grow into an entire garden that attracts cows, to give me even more fertilizer, and then I can literally milk failure for all it has, and never have to find unexpected failure trash again.” 

We’re all just people, and we all make mistakes! It is ok and encouraged to fail, and fail often, even if it feels like something we can’t talk about on a daily basis. Tran then detailed her past failures, from misspelled tweets to art contests that got a grand total of 2 entries, to an entire trailer for a Nintendo Switch release which was a glorified skit that had 0.5 seconds of gameplay featured in it. 

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You will make mistakes in life, and that’s ok. What’s important is to learn from them, and use your trash mistakes to foster better decisions in the future. And make better trash, to milk it for all its worth! 

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