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Gangnam Style emote added to Fortnite

Well I guess it is 2012 again, because Fortnite has added a Gangnam Style emote to the game for some reason. Players are able to use V-Bucks to purchase it, and it has so far been a huge hit. Check out this video of players walking across the entire map using this emote, as it’s pretty hilarious. These little challenges players come up with are part of what makes Fortnite so special. There is just always something to do, even with the simplest additions to the game.

Courtesy of Epic Games

If it has been too long since the original video came out and you need a little refresher, here is the original video which took over the world.

This addition is not that surprising, as Fortnite has had a long history of adding famous pop culture references to the game in some way or another. It just seems that Fortnite was just a little too late on this one.

I can only assume that more additions will continue to come to the game as time goes on. I wonder if they are running out of ideas?

So, what do you all think? Is this emote worth picking up? Well as long as people keep paying for these additions, I can guarantee Fortnite will keep pumping them out.

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