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Gaming For Older Beginners

There’s never a bad time in life to start gaming. Usually, peoples’ first gaming experiences happen while they’re very young, but older-age gaming experiences are talked about far less often. You’re never too old to get into gaming, but it often seems as though it can be more difficult to get into gaming as an adult. Whether you’re an adult who started gaming later in life or you’re still wondering whether it’s too late for you to start, this article is the place for you to learn more about what it’s like to game a bit later in life. 

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When beginning your gaming adventure later in life, the first hurdle to overcome is the stigma. You can be a gamer no matter your age, but you wouldn’t know that based on what people tell you. It doesn’t matter if you start at 73: you can still be a gamer. It doesn’t matter if you were a gamer in your teenage years, then quit for a while, and are picking it up again at 35: you can still be a gamer. 

One of the main stereotypes around age in gaming is that gaming is strictly for younger people; what’s more, those same younger people are often mocked for gaming in the first place. This not only irks younger people, it’s also a problem for older gamers because it makes gaming seem like an irresponsible, inappropriate hobby for an older person to enjoy. If you’ve internalized this, here’s your reminder to start breaking down those thoughts. There’s no inappropriate age to be a gamer. Whenever you start gaming, if you enjoy it, is the right age for you. 

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Once you’ve broken down the mental barriers around beginning gaming later in life, you’ve got to find a way to actually start gaming. You can hop on Steam and purchase a few games that pique your interest and get acquainted with streamers on Youtube and Twitch. If you want to get even more involved, finding the gaming community in your area is a great way to make friends and grow your gaming experience. Like many hobbies, gaming is better with friends, so finding a gaming group to bond with will help you start your gaming adventure on solid ground. 

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The hardest part of gaming at any age is finding the games you love, the way you enjoy gaming, and the group of people with which to share your love. When starting later in life, you might feel like you’ve missed the opportunity to pop off, but rest assured: there’s no wrong time to begin your gaming journey. Wherever you find your gaming friends and whichever games suit you best, there’s just as much joy in gaming at 50 as there would have been at 15. 

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