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GameSquare Champions Esports Economics in Q1 Financial Call

We’ve talked with the fine folks at GameSquare before, and their inaugural call at 2PM PST today only cemented what we already knew: the esports industry is booming, and brands want in on the action. The call started with President Kevin Wright clarifying that much of the financial details to be discussed were projections and that their end points were yet to be determined. Still, there are a number of strong factors that pave the way for esports’ growth.

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GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna described the esports community as a supportive, dedicated fanbase comprised primarily of young adults under 35-years-old, the most coveted demographic in branding. These fans rally around each other and causes they believe in, though there is a barrier to gap in terms of what brands they trust. Kenna assured that once a brand breached this wall of gaming culture, gamers would remain loyal and engage in a reciprocal exchange.

And who’s there to build that trust between demographics and brands? GameSquare.

GameSquare understands esports and influencer culture and can ingratiate themselves within it. They want to acquire brands and build that trust through their unprecedented network of connections. “We have a healthy pipeline of various connections in the US,” explained Justin Kenna, “Which will [only become more relevant over time.]”

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, GameSquare has generated a revenue of 1.1 million CDN. What’s more, their expanded commercial agreement with Dexerto ensures the organization has a steady stream of momentum moving into the rest of the year.

With the entire esports financial future ahead of them, it seems GameSquare is turning a new corner in economic development. We wait with bated breath to see where this industry powerhouse heads next. For more information on their financial progress as well as a link to a recording of the call, click here.

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