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The Best Game For You Based On Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care

You’re well acquainted with the concept of self-care at this point, and odds are, you’ve made some discoveries along the way as to what forms of self-care work best for you. A bubble bath may be more inclined to soothe your worries, or perhaps you prefer a nice long run through the woods. Whatever the case, there’s a form of self-care out there for you, and if you’re a gamer, it’s likely gaming has woven its way into your self-care routine. To combine the best of both worlds, it’s time to take a look at the best game for you based on your favorite form of self-care. 

The Best Game For You Based On Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care
The Best Game For You Based On Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care 7

Sweat It Out

If you turn to a healthy exercise session when you’re feeling stressed, you can’t go wrong with Pokemon Gofrom Niantic. Pokemon Go is, by now, known for being a great way of getting into the world of Pokemon while also getting outside and enjoying some exercise. The amount of exercise you can get really depends on how much you play and your level of activity. It can be great for a daily walk or more rigorous outdoor activities. Either way, if you’re always looking for a way to get active and rest your mind, Pokemon Go is the title for you. 

Courtesy of Pokemon Go

Time For A Cuppa

If a hot cup of tea is more your self-care style, then Journeyfrom Thatgamecompany is the game for you. Journey is soothing, easygoing and doesn’t require much focus to play through; in fact, you could easily sip on a cup of tea while you play and not miss out on any gameplay functions. If you want a game to soothe your soul in the same vein as a hot cup of tea, Journey will be a wonderful game to get lost in. 

Courtesy of Thatgamecompany

Bask In A Spa Day

If a spa night complete with a soothing bubble bath is your chosen self-care ritual, Abzu from Giant Squid Studios will hit the spot. Abzu is one of the most beautifully designed underwater games to ever grace the video game scene. Pairing it with your own watery adventures in a bubble bath is sure to bring you peace of mind. A word of advice: don’t try and play it on your computer while you’re in the bath to avoid a watery grave for your computer. To create the perfect spa night, relax in the bath and then unwind even further afterwards with a deep dive into Abzu

Courtesy of Nintendo

Companionship Is Key

If all you really crave when you need to chill out is some quality time with your friends, Among Usfrom InnerSloth will be the perfect game to bring you all together. Among Us will definitely bring out some competition, but when played with great friends, it’s a healthy amount of competition that will help balance out your mental state. And, if you’re not as into the action of discovering impostors, there’s always something relaxing about getting lost in your tasks and being the best crewmate you can be. It’s hard to nail down exactly what’s so excellent about Among Us, but one thing’s for sure: if you’re looking to relax with friends, it’s the perfect game choice. 

Courtesy of InnerSloth

When In Doubt, Sleep

If you really just like to take a good nap when you’re feeling run down, you can gently drift off as you play Proteus from Ed Key and David Kanaga. This world exploration game has no specific objectives, and the relaxing soundtrack will send you off into a peaceful dreamland. You might not fall asleep as you play, but you’ll certainly rest easy after spending some time wandering through Proteus, discovering everything that makes it such a perfectly dreamy game. 

Courtesy of Steam

There are many reasons why different people enjoy gaming in different ways. Sometimes you want something incredibly adventurous, and other times you just want to escape reality. One thing’s for sure: when you find a game that sends you into a peaceful state of mind, especially when that jives with your self-care routine, you’ll be playing that game for a long, long time. 

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