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G4 is coming back this summer

After more than five years off the air, G4TV – a network primarily focused on video games and video game culture – is returning in the summer with two of its most popular shows, Attack of the Show! and X-Play.

Courtesy of G4

In the early 2000s, video games were still seen as taboo when brought up in conversations. Because the medium had not been fully realized at that point in time, there were very few – if any – video game channels and networks gamers could tune into to spend their time and enjoy gaming content. 

That’s where G4TV came in. First launched in 2002, G4 focused primarily on video games and the culture surrounding them, with various shows centered around that premise. If gamers wanted to watch game reviews with entertaining hosts, X-Play was available. Meanwhile, Attack of the Show! (AOTS) was the go-to program for game, movie and other previews as well as being a general gaming news show. 

Additionally, G4 featured the Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit, one of the earliest shows to showcase video game competitions. Though the show was short-lived on G4, it was able to introduce gaming competitions to an audience who may not have heard of it before. However, as ground-breaking as G4 was in terms of being a network solely focused on video game content, the network ended all operations on Dec. 31, 2014.

That said, after an almost six-year hiatus and with video games being a large part of popular culture, the G4TV Twitter posted a teaser which surprised many fans:

If the comments on the initial tweet were any indication, the return of G4 was a sight for many fans’ sore eyes. Not only was G4 returning, but the network also teased the return of two fan-favorite shows – AOTS! and X-Play – on its YouTube channel

Both shows featured now-recognizable names within the video game sphere: Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. Sessler and Webb hosted X-Play while Pereira and Munn were one of the few hosts of AOTS!. The group also got together for a reunion special, in which they – along with Blair Herter and Kristin Adams – reminisced about their time at G4.  

Also, this iteration of G4 will feature WWE Superstar Xavier Woods – a.k.a. Austin Creed – in some capacity. Woods, an avid gamer, is the host of UpUpDownDown and often plays video games with current and past WWE Superstars, often discussing their lives and how video games have impacted them. 

In all, this looks to be the restart G4TV needed. G4 was truly ahead of its time and with popular video game personalities spearheading G4’s return, this might give the network the push it needs to succeed where it failed before. 

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