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G2 Esports Wins Another Trophy in Red Bull VALORANT Home Ground

Another tournament, another trophy for G2 Esports; the European powerhouse continues to add new titles to its shelf. G2 has won its seventh cup in VALORANT by beating Team Liquid in the grand final of Red Bull Home Ground tournament.

G2 Wins Red Bull 1
Photo courtesy of G2 Esports

Starting on Feb. 28, the Red Bull Home Ground tournament hosted eight strong teams from Europe. While seven participant teams took places in the event with special invitations, one team qualified through the qualifiers.

After three best-of-three series and three best-of-five series, G2 Esports and Team Liquid managed to reach the grand final. Both teams eliminated great opponents, such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and SUMN FC in the semifinals.

The series began in Icebox as the choice of Liquid, but G2 looked strong on the snowy map from the start. Even though Mixwell put 29 frags in an effort to carry his team, the rest of G2 didn’t get into the game. Liquid grabbed the first map point by beating its rival 14-12 in overtime.

Split, which was the second map, had an opposite narrative. Despite ScreaM’s efforts, everyone in G2 was on the same page, losing just one round in the second half and tying the series by a score of 13-6. 

The grand final continued in Haven as Liquid’s pick, and it’s easy to see that Liquid prepared great strategies. After a 50-minute-long game, ScreaM and his friends at Liquid got the series advantage once more with a 13-11 score. However, they literally got destroyed in a fourth-map Bind. It’s common knowledge that G2 Esports is so good on Bind, and the team proved itself again. The No. 1 of Europe has lost only three rounds and tied the series with a 13-3 score.

With the morale boost obtained in Bind, G2 stepped up as the favorite on Ascent. The first half was back and forth, but G2 succeeded in getting the job done in clutch rounds, winning four of the last five rounds and closing the series with a 13-10 win.

Since this was a special event organized by Red Bull, G2 was rewarded with only money, around $14,000.

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