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G2 Esports Takes Down Rogue With Caps’ Perfect Lucian Play

Two top teams of LEC faced each other to break the tie in week seven of the league. G2 Esports took over its contender Rogue with a pure dominance. With the steady performance of Caps and Mikyx’s map rotation, the game ended in 29 minutes.

G2 Esports over Rogue 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Rogue’s players had an idea in the pick screen when they stepped on the rift. They were going to wait for Azir and Caitlyn to become online alongside Gnar, Lillia and Morgana. However, G2’s mid-game strategy was a great sample to trip them up with Sion, Nidalee, Lucian, Jhin and Leona.

The power of early-lane push belonged to the Rogue side, but Jankos and Caps had the wisdom of awareness of the situation. In the fourth minute, Larssen and Inspired prepared a trap for Caps, who in turn, trapped them back. While Larssen was setting the position for his jungler’s gank, “Craps” used the tiny mispositioning of Rogue’s mid laner and secured the first blood.

If your opponent’s Azir lost his flash so early, there is one thing to do: gank him several times until The Emperor of the Sands becomes useless as Mikyx did. In the seventh minute, G2’s star support player visited mid lane once more and gifted Caps his second kill of the game.

In that time, the last champion of LEC was holding the most wanted thing in its hands: early advantage of Caps. Even though Rogue grabbed the first dragon, Jankos was able to walk around the whole map freely thanks to his mid laner. In the 13th minute, Jankos activated the Herald in the mid lane and shared the gold of the first turret’s plate with Caps as the return of his kindness.

With the lead of Caps, G2 Esports’ winning a team fight was inevitable in the mid-game, but Rogue didn’t allow it to have what it wanted by getting caught one by one. When the clock showed the 24th minute, Larssen was caught for the last time in the match without being aware that it was the last one. G2 Esports quickly headed to the Nashor buff after erasing the Swedish mid laner in the top lane.

Destroying multiple tier 2 turrets in the map, Rekkles and his friends walked to the top lane, started the last team fight and closed out the matchup in 29 minutes with an ace.

Rogue and G2 Esports have been sharing the first place in LEC Spring 2021 Season for a while. However, G2 broke the brotherhood and took the top spot for its own with 12 wins.

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