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G2 Esports Takes Down Rogue After 50 Minutes

LEC’s Week 4 concluded with a tremendous game between G2 and Rogue. Viewers witnessed a 50-minute long, action-packed competition in which eight dragons were captured. In the end, G2 Esports tied its record with Rogue in the league by beating them in full domination.

G2 beats Rouge 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Both teams had different ideas to take their opponents down as they chose two completely different compositions. G2 looked for a sideline priority and waveclear strength with Quinn, Nidalee, Ekko, Jhin and Rell; on the other hand Rogue trusted its late-game power spike with Renekton, Lillia, Azir, Vayne and Gragas. 

The game had the usual start as lanes were trying to take the priority for their jungler to get an advantage, G2’s lead began in the sixth minute. A fight occured in the bot lane with the engagement from Mikyx, then both AD carries secured their first kills. However, Hans Sama missed three minion waves to take the kill, and this led to Rekkles’ 20-minion advantage in six minutes.

Thanks to Rogue having a lack of waveclear, G2 players were able to do whatever they wanted across the map. They prepared a four-man dive in the top lane and lost nothing while doing it. The key for Rogue was waiting for Azir and Vayne to be activated since Renekton would be useless after that time. They managed to catch some of G2’s members a couple of times and gained more time, but Wunder literally one-shotted Larssen in the mid lane, and Rogue lost another team fight, which led G2 to grab the first Nashor buff of the game in the 29th minute. This one was the first but not last.

Even though G2 was ahead with a 10K-gold advantage when the clock hit the 41st minute, it couldn’t get enough space to end the game because Larssen’s Azir was too big. The 20-year-old mid laner gave the kiss of life to his team by defending its base at all costs. However, the end was near after G2 acquired the Elder Dragon’s soul in the 49th minute. The European powerhouse dove into Rogue’s base with the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor’s buff, and beat its opponent in 51 minutes.

Rogue and G2 Esports are sitting at the top of the league with seven wins and two losses after this matchup.

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