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G2 Esports Surpasses MAD Lions in the Opening Match of LEC

LEC’s 2021 season has kicked off with a matchup of two powerful teams, G2 Esports and MAD Lions. Opening matches have always been exciting, but this one was pretty one sided. The last champion has shown  the world how dominant they are once more by beating MAD Lions in 32 minutes.

G2 Eports Wins 1
Photo courtesy of G2 Esports

In the pick screen, MAD Lions focused on early game and the lane pushing advantage as they picked Renekton, Lillia, Tristana, Jhin and Leona, while G2 Esports stepped on the rift with a strong late game and teamfight composition; they chose Gragas, Olaf, Twisted Fate, Sivir and Alistar.

The game had a slow start until Elyoya decided to use their early game power and went to bot lane for a gank in the fifth minute. Despite Mikyx’s foot moves, MAD grabbed the first blood of the season, but wasted too many Summoner Spells at the same time.

Thanks to having powerful lane pushing ability, Elyoya was able to make some plays in rivers. He caught enemy jungler Jankos and brought in the first dragon for his team. MAD Lions were sitting on the driver seat, however, it didn’t look like a good driver. Even though they obtained a few leads with split pushing, the lions couldn’t make a game closer and let G2 Esports’ lead grow.

By the 23rd minute, G2 already took the wheel of the game. Mikyx started a perfect teamfight in the mid lane, granting two kills for his team and the first Nashor buff afterward. After this moment, there wasn’t any chance for MAD Lions to come back since the fourth-place team of last season didn’t have proper picks for the situation.

With the help from Nashor buff, G2 Esports had demolished the bot inhibitor turret and returned to the base to prepare for the incoming dragon fight. Well, it didn’t fight actually, just let Rekkles steal the dragon and MAD Lions’ hopes. Five minutes later, G2 headed for its second Nashor buff and finished the game with a 23-9 lead in 32 minutes.

The whole G2 squad did its job even though it struggled a bit in the beginning. On the other hand, Rekkles made his debut in the new team with superb KDA. The Swedish player finished the game with 9/0/9 as Sivir.

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