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G2 Esports Struggles in LEC Summer Split

G2 Esports is the most successful team in Europe with its regional dominance and international achievements; however, G2 has been struggling in the Rift for the past couple of months, starting during the last split. The team now has four wins and five losses in the current split, which must be considered disastrous for a team that has achieved a lot in the past.

Courtesy of Riot Games

During the Spring Split, Jankos talked about the lack of leadership within the team after Perkz left and he tried to take the responsibility to boost his team’s synergy. G2 Esports started the Summer Split with a valuable win against the latest champion, MAD Lions, but fell short against Schalke 04 Esports

The upcoming matches made the fans smile as G2 won three games in a row, which looked like they were back in the competition but it was not the case. The team was sitting at four wins and a single loss before the fall began again. Ocelote’s team lost four games in a row against the newly merged Team Vitality, rebuilt Fnatic, Excel with two ERL players, and this split’s surprising team, Misfits Gaming. G2 Esports made huge mistakes in all these games and deserved all these losses in a way.

Courtesy of GamePedia

Nelson joined the coaching staff before the season and the experienced jungler, Jankos, talked about how he contributed to the team with his different perspectives in his streams. G2’s drafts were all solid considering each match’s game plan, but the synergy is not there yet. With Caps’ decreasing individual performance, it will be hard for the EU giant to lift the trophy this year given its current performance. 

There is still time to develop and train until the end, and I am sure G2 Esports will make it to the playoffs. The team may show much better performances during the playoffs if it achieves its game plan goals in the near future.

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