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G2 Esports Gets Revenge on Fnatic in LEC’s Sixth Week

The two biggest rivals of Europe faced each other in the match of the Week 6 of LEC 2021 Spring season. G2 Esports surpassed Fnatic and took the revenge of the first week with pure dominance which lasted 27 minutes.

G2 over Fnatic LEC W6 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Fnatic surprised all of the viewers by picking Yone as the top laner though, and the remaining parts of Fnatic, Lillia, Azir, Kalista and Alistar weren’t fit for Yasuo’s brother. G2 responded to its opponent with a solid team composition as Gragas, Olaf, Syndra, Jhin and Rell.

Unlike the other competitions of the league, the derby started with early pokes in every lane, and as the result of this, the first gank of the game came so early by Jankos. Even though the gank turned into a scrimmage with teleports from Caps and Nisqy, Jankos managed to secure the first blood by killing Bwipo.

I don’t think Jankos could’ve asked for a better start to the game; he had two kills and serious jungle camps when the clock showed the fifth minute. Wunder also joined the party before it was too late. In the 10th minute, the Danish top player put an outstanding outplay in the bot lane by defending himself under the turret against Fnatic’s bot duo and killing them both.

The first 5v5 team fight has occurred for the third dragon in the bottom river; it was one of the best engagements I ever seen in League of Legends. Mikyx saw an opportunity, used his incredible Rell mechanics, stunned four members of Fnatic and secured the team fight for G2 Esports in the beginning. At the end of the fight, G2 obtained its third dragon while most of Fnatic’s players were looking at the grey screen.

I must say that Fnatic’s chances were quite low in the 22nd minute, but Wunder destroyed the hopes of his rivals in the 23rd minute. Thanks to the big belly of Gragas, G2 won another huge team fight in the mid lane, acquired the Infernal Soul and Nashor buff afterwards. 

Finishing the game with all these buffs and gold advantage was the easiest thing to do for G2 Esports. In the 27th minute, Jankos and his friends crushed Fnatic in the top lane once more and won the game by a 24-7 score alongside a 14K-gold lead.

As a result, Fnatic fell to fifth place in the league with seven wins and six losses. G2 Esports, on the other hand, strengthened its spot in first place.

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