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G2 Esports Defeats Schalke 04, Secures Semifinals in LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs

This series is one of the reasons why we love League of Legends after all these years. G2 Esports beat Schalke 04 in the first round of upper-bracket of LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs and advanced through the semifinals.

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Courtesy of LEC

Game 1

The Upper bracket’s first series started as expected with regular junglers rotations. G2’s strength in mid and late game is known by everybody, so Schalke had to do something proactive in early game as Gilius did. He visited lanes several times and secured some kills for his team, but G2’s three kills in the bot lane changed the state of affairs. In addition, Gilius initiated the worst engagement in the mid lane, and Schalke lost all control of the game. In the 27th minute, all members of G2 showcased a great team fight, killed all of Schalke and won the first game.

Game 2

What a banger it was! Everytime I looked somewhere else, another team fight occurred in the game. Within the first minutes of the game, Schalke tried to fight G2 Esports everywhere and seemed happy to play this aggressively. However, Schalke’s members missed one crucial point: Rekkles had six kills with Ashe in the 13th minute. As time went on, Rekkles became bigger and with the tanks in front of him, he turned into a kill machine. Even though G2 made several mistakes on the map, Schalke’s players weren’t strong enough to punish them. Eventually, G2 obtained the second point of the series thanks to Rekkles’ 16/2/9 Ashe.

Game 3

Game 3 was a similar narrative, but different ending for Schalke 04. After the complete bloodbath in Game 2, Gilius and his friends kept their anger and their controlled aggressiveness to crush G2 Esports in Game 3. Winning the pick screen, Schalke sped up, ruled all over the map and declared skirmishes in every lane. With Hecarim’s incredible movement speed and clever roams by LIMIT, the German-based team managed to expand its gold lead up to 5K quickly. They were confident, knowing that they outscale G2 Esports in the late game, so they slowed down the game a little bit to see Jinx turn into a monster. 

After taking G2’s turrets step by step, Schalke 04 headed to the bot lane for one last fight to end the game. The last team fight was going in favor of G2 as it caught Neon and gave him the grey screen, but Broken Blade entered the battle with Darius and an axe in his hand. The Turkish top laner slaughtered everyone, got a Penta Kill and made the series 2-1.

Game 4

If you want to see how a support player brings a win for their team, watching this game and witnessing LIMIT’s insane performance is the only thing you need to do. Schalke 04 entered the server with the exact same plan: don’t put on the break, force G2 for skirmishes and win the match by outscaling the opponent. Things started well for Schalke as its bot lane grabbed the early lead, giving Vayne two kills within six minutes. Closing out the game would’ve been an easy task for S04 if G2 didn’t respond immediately by double teleporting to the bot lane and tying the gold difference. 

As the game continued, G2 was taking the driver seat, but Abbedagge gave his team the kiss of life by stealing the Baron Nashor with Orianna. This was the turning point for Schalke 04, but they still needed another great team fight. In the 33rd minute, LIMIT provided his team what it desperately needed, catching Caps and Rekkles at the same time and leading the team in securing its second Nashor buff. Despite winning several team fights and grabbing buffs, G2 was still in the game until the last dance of LIMIT came out. He performed another superb engagement on Caps, helped his team win the last team fight and tied the series 2-2.

Game 5

Game 5 was a breathtaking ending that this series deserved. From the beginning where Rekkles took Seraphine out of his pocket, to the ending that G2 destroyed Schalke’s Nexus, the last game of the series was an infinite back and forth. 

Unlike previous games, Game 5 had a slow start, though a couple of kills were taken. Despite taking some return kills, Schalke completely lost control of the game to G2, and the forefront team benefited from this situation, expanding its lead slowly. If the game continued as it was, that would be an effortless victory for G2. However, every member of Schalke 04 played the PERFECT team fight in the 22th minute. As you know, however, League of Legends is a game of mistakes and Schalke 04 showed everyone once more what a single mistake can cause. In the 36th minute, LIMIT made the wrong decision and G2 punished S04 cruelly. The Summoners Rift became the playground of G2 after that. With Rekkles’ limitless healing and shielding alongside Caps’ full-item Lucian, G2 took down Schalke 04 in the 44th minute and won the series 3-2.

This isn’t the end of Schalke 04 as it will continue its journey from the lower bracket where it is going to face Fnatic. G2 Esports, on the other hand, is waiting for its opponent from MAD Lions-Rogue series, which will be played Sunday.

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