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FunPlus Phoenix’s Bo Confesses to Match-Fixing In LDL

Due to Tian’s health issues, FunPlus Phoenix signed Bo and included him on the main roster. Tian’s return date was not clear since his issues weren’t measurable in terms of time, but a couple of days ago, FPX got hit with a disastrous confession coming from Bo. The Chinese jungler confessed he was coerced into match-fixing during his time in LDL. Tian had to make a quick return before his issues were solved.

FPX Bo Match Fixing 1
Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

Bo was playing for eStar Young in LDL, the lower division of LPL. While he was playing for eStar Young, people coerced him into match-fixing, and he couldn’t hide it anymore. After playing a couple of matches with FPX, he reported himself to the team, and FunPlus Phoenix didn’t waste any time taking action. Bo got benched and FPX reported the confession to LPL officials.

LPL officials are still investigating the situation and nothing is clear yet. It is likely that Bo and other people, who were involved in match-fixing will get punished, both financially and in the right to play. Bo made a courageous decision reporting himself to the team. 

The LPL’s decision has not been revealed yet, but it is not a mystery that people will get punished. A lot of match-fixing situations have happened in China before and nobody got away with it. LPL officials will investigate the matter deeply and announce its decision in a few days.

FPX had to bench Bo after his confession. Tian had to be active again before his issues were solved, and FPX faced a loss against Team WE a couple of days ago. 

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