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FunPlus Phoenix’s ANGE1 Trash Talked NA VALORANT Teams

The rivalry between North America and Europe prevails in every esports scene, even in new ones like VALORANT. During the NA qualifier matches a couple days back, FunPlus Phoenix’s player ANGE1 trash talked NA teams on Twitter, and it caused quite the disturbance.

“I feel like top NA VALORANT team will win something around 4 rounds max vs top EU (if they win both pistols.)” ANGE1 said, and the CEO of G2 Esports was there to back him up: “Agreed my dude.” The answer was quick from TSM’s star Wardell to 31-year-old ex-CS:GO player: “Okay, relax grandpa. It’s past your bedtime.”

Courtesy of TalkEsport

We’re used to seeing players around their thirties counted as “old” in esports, but according to ANGE1, age is just a bunch of numbers: “They think I’m an old dog? Heh, I’ll show them how many tricks I know.”

NRG’s CS:GO-converted VALORANT coach Chet entered the chat after a couple of minutes: “What’s even the point of saying that, show it in the server someday. All that experience and you’re tweeting like one of these advanced kids.” ANGE1’s reply was clear: “Because it’s booooooring.” 

It’s well-known that North America is spending tons of money for transferring instead of improving their own players, and EU players usually make fun of this behavior like Nolpenski’s coach Nbs did yesterday.

“Be careful.” Nbs said. “They might buy one of your players if you make them angry.” ANGE1 added fuel to the fire: “That’s actually their only hope.”. However, TSM’s hazed had a different thought. He shared a screenshot from 2015 of their CS:GO times, which shows ANGE1 as the bottom-fragged against hazed, retuC and FNS, then said: “Probably he thought the same thing in CS:GO too.”.

As an esports fan, it’s always been joyful seeing players trash talk each other. But due to the pandemic, there won’t be any offline tournaments for a while, and we won’t be able to decide which region is better than the other.

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