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FunPlus Phoenix Upsets Suning Gaming, Looks Strong With Bo

After FunPlus Phoenix’s superstar jungler Tian announced his break from the competitive scene, FPX signed Bo in order to fill his gap. Bo stepped on the Rift for the first time and looked “harmonious” with his new teammates. FPX literally deleted Suning from the Rift, gaining the team’s third win of the season, while Suning continued its struggle with a third loss.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

The series started pretty slow. The first skirmish took place near the Herald, and Suning secured first blood, but FPX kept its gold lead. Suning looked desperate trying to answer its opponent’s moves. FunPlus Phoenix players enforced a textbook draft and increased the gold gap. SOFM won the smite fight but it was still not enough. The gold gap was not huge right after the steal, but FPX’s macro game plays were on point. SOFM tried so hard for his team and stole another Baron. However, FunPlus Phoenix won all the team fights and closed out the first game.

Game 2

This time Bo had an early visit to the top lane and got first blood. He looked a lot more confident than the first game. FPX played the macro game better than Suning again and it had a small gold lead in the early phase. On the other hand, Suning’s Angel and huanfeng were the key points of team fights. Suning players used their draft and won the mid-game fights with the help of their mid and marksman. After acquiring the Baron buff, Suning closed the gold gap and even got ahead, but it made a disastrous Baron call and literally handed the win into the hands of FunPlus Phoenix. FPX won the team fight, got the buff and sieged its opponent’s turrets. The last team fight was close but Suning couldn’t pull the trigger. FPX demolished the Nexus in minutes and grabbed itself a 2-0 victory.

To be honest, Bo had some confidence problems in the first game but he looked a lot better with Taliyah later in the series. Tian’s comeback is still unclear, but if FPX keeps on playing the early stage like it did today, LPL teams should be scared.

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