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FunPlus Phoenix Sweeps Royal Never Give Up, Advances To Semifinals

Royal Never Give Up had a great regular season and managed to secure the first spot with 14 wins and two losses. The team benefited from Xiaohu’s role swap decision and literally destroyed its regular-season schedule; however, FunPlus Phoenix was the destroyer today. The fifth-placed team swept RNG and advanced to semifinals. Nuguri got two MVPs in three games and had an incredible performance. Lastly, bad news for the TES, EDG and RNG fans, TIAN IS BACK!

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Courtesy of the LPL

Nuguri’s third game performance:

Game 1 

We got used to Xiaohu’s Gnar during the regular season. He is a real beast when it comes to Gnar engagements, and Xiaohu picked his comfort champion in the first game’s draft whereas Nuguri’s choice was focused on bullying him during the laning phase with Jayce. The first game started with a bloodbath. GALA secured the first blood in bottom lane 2v2, and Wei ganked mid lane to secure himself a kill in the meantime. Tian played a great early game, getting stronger on his Udyr minute by minute, and he also used his early pressure to punish Wei in his jungle.

Just like a usual LPL game, teams secured 11 kills in six minutes. Tian kept his team in the game with his Udyr; he was running across the map like he had a V8 engine up in his legs. FPX killed the Barond and increased its lead. After that point, RNG couldn’t respond to any moves FPX made and the game came to an end after the last team fight. 

Game 2 

Guess what? Xiaohu picked Gnar once again, but this time, Nuguri had Irelia in his hands. FunPlus Phoenix’s draft was better in terms of team chemistry with Kai’Sa-Rell in the bottom side and Lillia-Orianna in mid-jungle. Lwx and Crisp punished Ming’s greedy play and secured first blood while fighting for the scuttle crab. 

The arly game fights were really close just like the previous game. FunPlus Phoenix focused on getting Nuguri ahead and was pretty successful. Even though RNG caught its opponent in terms of kills, FPX had a 6K gold lead during the mid-game madness thanks to FunPlus Phoenix’s incredible siege pressure. RNG managed to sneak up on Baron to keep the terms even; however, FunPlus Phoenix played a textbook macro game. After winning the last team fight, FPX ended the game and advanced to match point. Nuguri and Lwx had massive plays throughout the game. 

Game 3 

Surprisingly, Xiaohu did not pick Gnar and Royal Never Give Up tried something different than the previous games. On the FPX side, we all know how great Doinb is on utility champions such as Karma and adding a jungler Hecarim to get the maximum benefit from the Karma, FunPlus Phoenix did an amazing job in the pick-ban phase. 

Nuguri TP’d to the bottom lane in the fifth minute and picked up a kill. Keep in mind that no other players except the bottom laners were there and there was no jungle pressure. Let’s say it was just a Nuguri play. RNG made a disastrous start to the third game but managed to make up for its mistakes. Tian out-jungled Wei once again, and Nuguri’s Renekton was just nasty. FPX made some mistakes while trying to increase its lead but didn’t let his opponent come back into the game. Nuguri carried his team to glory and FPX won the game in 25 minutes. To be honest, this team looks scary with Tian’s contribution.

Royal Never Give Up is still in this. According to LPL’s format, RNG will face the loser of Top Esports-EDward Gaming matchup in losers’ bracket. On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix secured itself a spot in semifinals.

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